Celebrity Stylist Scot Louie Shares The Latest On Fall Fashion


Celebrity Stylist Scot Louie Shares The Latest On Fall Fashion
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Temperatures have dropped and the fall breezes have arrived, it is officially time to transition out our summer wardrobe and bring those cool weather-friendly pieces to the front of the closet. This season is always a prime time for fashion. It’s not too cold yet, so you don’t have to completely hide your outfit with a humongous coat, and it’s the perfect opportunity to layer outfits with style.

Celebrity stylist Scot Louie, who’s client list includes Ryan Destiny, Regina Hall and Keke Palmer (just to name a few), connected with us just in time to inform you how to elevate your style this fall season. In true stylist mode, Louie is currently in Paris for Fashion Week to make sure his clients look their best and to give us the scoop on the latest trends and insight on how the fashion-obsessed are dressing during the fall kick-off in Paris. 

ESSENCE: What are your favorite items to break out in the fall?

Louie: I always say fall is the season when you can really see what people are made of when it comes to fashion. Gloves are a thing for me. I put my clients in gloves and I personally love them. A good coat is very important. Also, boots! I’m a boot person, both in personal style and within my clients’ style. 

ESSENCE: You’re in Paris right now for fashion week and this is basically the beginning of people dressing for the fall weather. What are some trends you see coming into play this fall?

Louie: You know something that I love and that I’ve been seeing is a lot of pastels. And I saw a lot of this on the runways back in February. It’s not rust, or dark browns anymore. It’s much lighter tones and brighter colors. I think it’s great to add a bit of difference to the fall.

“I don’t believe in rules in fashion.”

ESSENCE: Interesting! The usual would be those earth tone greens and browns. Are there any rules or limits to colors in the fall?

Louie: I don’t believe in rules in fashion. I think we’re dismantling the idea of rules and trends in fashion. Style is relative. Style is personal. I don’t want it to seem like it’s so bad if you’re wearing white after Labor Day – I love a good winter white like a good pillowy white coat with a white turtleneck and playing with some cream cashmere. 

ESSENCE: Agreed. If it works, it works. So, you mentioned that a good coat is an essential piece, who is the go-to designer or brand that comes to mind when you’re in need of a chic overcoat?

Louie: Acne Studios, for sure. I love Bottega Veneta, they have all my money right now and I want it back. Those two brands are really killing it. For women, I love Stella McCartney and it’s sustainable, which I love. And The Row, too – I really like finding those good investment pieces that stand the test of time. 

“Play with your proportions and silhouettes.”

ESSENCE: Most of your clients are women, and since the weather is not as friendly as the summer for showing skin, what’s the best way to dress sexy in the fall?

Louie: It’s all about having that one piece. I have a client here in Paris that I really want to wear this thin Paco Robanne dress, but it’s freezing cold. The way to juxtapose that is we’re putting a big men’s blazer over it. Find a piece that doesn’t strip away from the look, but adds to it and highlights it in an interesting way. If you do have that short dress, then add a big blazer over it. Give it that boyfriend look. That effortless, off-duty model look. And an overcoat always helps. Play with your proportions and silhouettes. Also! Leather blazers are important. 

ESSENCE: Flannels – yes or no?

Louie: I’m going to say no, I’m very tired of flannels. 

ESSENCE: Every year I look at this red-checkered flannel in my closet and ask myself if it’s time for it to go or do I just need to keep it tucked away?

Louie: You know I never say get rid of things, but put them in a box and revisit them in a couple of seasons. Living in LA, I’m so tired of seeing them every fall. But, there are some brands that are updating the flannel like R13 reinventing it into an overcoat. 

ESSENCE: Bomber jackets – yes or no?

Louie: *laughs* No, it’s the same thing for them. 

ESSENCE: I will say Sacai does interesting things with bomber jackets.

Louie: They do! They merge them with trench coats or satin elements to make them not feel like just another bomber jacket. So, maybe it’s just about updating those go-to classics.

“I always advise to build up..Keep your layering realistic.”

ESSENCE: When it comes to layering, fall is the prime to do it – do you have any tips on layering?

Louie: I always say keep layering fun and wearable. Sometimes people get intimidated or trigger-happy when taking on layering, but layering should be easy. I always advise to build up. For instance, with women I may start with a lace corset top or a lace bra and maybe put a men’s shirt under there, and then a really cool trench coat, then maybe pull the collar of the shirt over the trench coat. Keep your layering realistic.

ESSENCE: Noted. What are 3 types of shoes that will make for a good fall rotation?

Louie: You need a good lug boot, which is that flat chunky sole boot. And I don’t always advise flats, especially for women, but let’s be realistic if you are in a metropolitan city or you’re a commuter, you need something that’s walkable and fashionable. Also, a black boot that comes over the knee, preferably heeled – those are good under skirts. I love a good leather boot, I think they’re very important for fall and winter. And a good boot in color. Something for utility, something for classics, and something for fashion – those are the 3 boxes you need to check.

ESSENCE: What’s the best investment one could make to elevate their fall style?

Louie: Something I always invest in my personal wardrobe is a good bag. You want one for utility, and something that is stylish. If not a good bag, then a good boot, but also a good coat! See, just go run the card up! But, my first thing is definitely a bag.


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