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    Chicago family dramatically rescued from Colorado mountains amid plummeting temps

    A Chicago hiking family had a lucky escape on Wednesday after they became stranded atop the Greenhorn mountains in Colorado as nightfall set in, with officials praising the family for acting promptly when they realized they were in danger. (Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office)

    The family of five – three adults and two children – went on a hike on the Greenhorn Trailhead Wednesday morning and were nearing the summit when they were slowed down by the effects of worsening conditions along the icy terrain, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

    Unexpected snow and the effects of high altitude were taking their toll on the family as they became fatigued with no food and inadequate clothing for the bitingly cold weather.

    Members of the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) were airlifted to the top of North Peak where they managed to locate the freezing family via GPS signals. They gave the shivering family food, water and extra clothing.

    The entire group then hiked the rest of the way to the top of Ophir Creek where emergency vehicles were waiting for them. 

    Photos released by the PCSO show the difficult snowy terrain last Wednesday. 

    For instance, the family had an outdoor survival kit, and they told their relatives of their hiking plans prior to departure. 

    The PCSO alerted mountain hikers, or people going on trails, to be prepared and aware of rapidly changing conditions before they set out, noting temperatures drop drastically in the winter months when the sun sets.

    The agency listed the trail as moderate for hiking.


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