Chicago’s Fashion week 2019 brought out some of the hottest brands, from designers to models, and artist expressing their creativities through music and more. The city of Chicago has pioneered so many stars into Hollywood. Talents like R.Kelly, Quincy Jones and even PsychoDrama’s first lady of gangsta rap, who joined us for this Sunday’s showcase.
Sunday marked the last day of Chicago Fashion Week. The theme of the show was Evening Wear and Avant-Garde competition.

Chicago designers included Anastasia Chatzka, Taj B Designs, Jane X Pearl, Hannah Kristina Designs and Abraham Casanova. Since it was the weekend of Halloween we had to include some festivities. None of our guest were able to leave the building without some input on the Halloween Fashion playing Halloween Fashion wars “Who whore it Better”. The line up included Ke Ke Palmer, Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Zoe Saldana, Farrah Gray who was really model Naika Oko, DemiRose Mawby, and Dre-000. One of our favorite picks from the Taj B Collection included a floor length gown worn by model Lashonda a.k.a Shon. The gown was a silk A-cut, flower patterned blue dress. The A-cut was a perfect fit for curvy women like the Gyrlversion team. The gown was belted in right below the bossom area, which accentuated a coke bottle like figure.

Abraham Casanova literally gave us a piece of Heaven. Many of his outfits included angel wings, crowns and lace fit for royalty. The trend was lots of red and white themed colors hinted with gold.
Jane X Pearl, featured her fairy collection this Fall at Chicago Fashion week. The Chicago designer had also featured her styles in the Spring of 2018 during the Chicago runway.
The night was not all about the designs because the stars were aligned as well. Gyrlversion host Shartia Divine was able to interview several Chicago celebs who dished out some exclusive 411 for the city. If you want to know what’s happening in the city, Will the owner of True Lies Co. was there to let us in on some activities and how to find “True Lies”. The company focuses on Urban fashion that pushes the line of individuality and personal progression through clothing. The storefront is located in the bronzeville area around 51st and Calumet called Project Escape. The company has partnered with Boxville placing containers malls through out the city, enhancing the culture and branding diversity.
We felt an overflow of Fashion love during the event as we spoke with Fashion Icon Love Born. The Fashion Designer who designed for famous Chicago artist like Carl Thomas. Love Born was accompanied by other artist and entrepreneurs that she designs for such as Afrika Porter who is C.E.O of Afrika Enterprise and part of The Rainbow Coalition, and Newsense from PsychoDrama who is also branding her own designs. Love let us in on somewisdom and how she became the very first African American woman to win the Shops at Northbridge Prize from the Illinois Institute of Art in 2011. Love Born was pure Black girl magic as she told us how she won while being pregnant with her first child.
“They told me I could not have a child, and I was battling between birth and my graduation. Birth came first, so I was allowed to put my clothes in the competition at that time. Everything that I had made, I entered it into that, I didn’t have any idea that I would win”.
The fashion designer left some Fashion inspo saying ” never let anyone step on your dreams. Please recognize dream killers that are around you. Recognize who is around you and who is for you”.

Shartia Divine also got the scoop on Chicago Artist like J-ready who talked about his inspiration behind his music, and the reason why so many events like Chicago Fashion Week is needed. J Ready shared the story of losing his mom at the age of 14, but still following her voice which led him to this event and into his career as a Singer and Chicago activist. Lorenzo Owens was another triumphant Chicagoan, who has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Lorenzo Owens won the popstar challenge on the Oprah Show winning him over 11 million views. He says he has a new project coming out this Spring. But what are the stars without the pioneer women of hip hop? Newsense from Psychodrama was in the building. Newsense has not only pioneered music but she is now pioneering a new strategy of clothing.
Remember that famous line from the song Psycho Drama “Uh Huh”, “Shit I wear a towel coat…”. Well its literally becoming true. The hit artist has began her line of fashion creating fashionable jackets made of towel linen and soon to be blanket coats. LBS we need that in the Windy City. Her Newsense of fashion was molded into manifestation when she was pregnant with her son at the age of 26. It was at that point that she realized it was more than just herself to be responsible for.

As a Youth development mentor for the city of Chicago Newsense knew exactly what she had to do for her son and her city. The Pioneer artist has also dropped some new lyrics for her song/video “First 48” which will be out in December.


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