If you’ve missed Chicago Fashion week spring 2018, you will never want to miss it again. Chicago’s very first day of Fashion week opened up at the beautiful Volvo Dealership in Northbrook Illinois with our favorite host Shartia Divine. The skyline, sunshine and fashion made the perfect Sunday for the beginning of the week. The room was packed with models, designers from all walks of life, and photographers waiting to snap a button. The show ran seven full days with each day bringing more and more guests, designers, and dicersity. Designs ranged from Japanese influence, to streetwear, to drag, and we are not talking drag racing, we are talking nights with the Queens.

What made Chicago Fashion week stand out this year? Let’s just start by saying they were pushing the envelope, incorporating their very first Transgender show, along with a master plan on conquering the fashion industry by 20/20.

The Founder of Fashion Bar
Tony Long captivated his audience with a compelling rendition on why Fashion Bar and Chicago Fashion Week is pivotal to the community and how he plans to give back.
When average people think fashion, they think about looking good just to look good, but Tony explained it as “wellness being the foundation of fashion and beauty”. Tony plans to conquer the crime and poverty in Chicago with fashion, by providing an outlet for creative education, events, and elevation of self esteem. When Tony explained the pay gap that Chicago has compared to other cities with fashion, beauty, and media, there was a silence of need. The average fashion designer that spends thousands in Illinois graduates then leaves the state in order to generate revenue, because there is a lack of career availability in Chicago for artistic talent. This year Tony made it very clear that he and his team are working hard to close the gap and to give Chicago it’s rightful place in the industry.


Marketing Team
Luca, as a board member says they are working to bring Chicago on the map of fashion with New York, Paris, London and L.A.
Luca explained the popularity and the growth with the fashion community has been developing more and more over time. The diversity of experience within the designers were from first timers to huge brands. He plans to have many of the fashion produced in Chicago.


Board Member and Designer of Phomaz (foam-ass-bags) HandBags
Beth started her design of bags out of passion and within two years her bags spiraled into Vogue magazine. The bags were made in Chicago. Through her experience she learned so much about her foam made bags. Beth recognized texture color and shape differences that foam could create. Beth says they are working with the city to bring an official City sponsored fashion week to Chicago. Her love of design brought her to Fashion bar (soon to be Fashion Business Allaince) and is also driving her compassion for Fashion in Chicago.


Board member and Marketing Consultant

If you enjoyed Chicago Fashion Week this week, Meredyth is the master mind behind the inclusivity. Her goal is to bring all nationalities and walks of life together to create 90 fashion shows a week, through the newly reformed Fashion Business Alliance. She is working on making sure students can stay in Chicago and grow their careers in fashion. More importantly, this weeks fashion week is just a preparation for what is to come in October.

What Went Down During the Shows?
Day one’s themes were full of bridal wear, prom designs that went as far back as the 60’s, and Japanese style paper crane dresses. Avery Green, is a Chicago designer who trained in Japan. This college student who will be graduation soon, took notes that was sent to him as encouragement, and turned it into a dress. The dress was made from over 300 paper cranes and the material held up well. Avery is currently working on a start up business with his designs called House of Pariah. He is an artist on the rise.

The festivities did not stop at designs. The talent in Chicago flew all the way from Ukraine. Ivanna Melay has performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people and has had contracts for 1.2 million dollars. She released three hit albums in Ukraine, but this Ukrainian girl is feeling Chicago. Her dress was styled by Sergey Ermakov, who is a blind designer from Ukraine and has styled Madonna.

Chicago’s Fashion Week 2018 Day 1

Are you still looking for the diversity? Howard Brown Health in Chicago represented on the last day for the first transgender fashion show from Fashion Business Alliance, currently know as Fashion Bar Chicago. The company assists with ages 12 through 24, with exceptions up to 29. Their mission is to make gender transition less stressful, aiding in medical and educational assistance. The Trans, Media, and Fashion show featured designer, Angela Wang who says she was very happy with being able to display her designs within the transgender community. Her style ranged from designers tees, to leather lavish. Must we say the Queens wore it well.

Chicago Fashion Week Exclusive Interviews

Our crew enjoyed Chicago Fashion week and are looking forward to a bigger and better show in October! They hype was real.

Trans Media and Fashion

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Media Host:
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The Boy Illinois
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