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    Chlöe Bailey Shares Experience in the Industry After Going Solo

    Chlöe Bailey announced her solo album in 2021. Both sisters were on the brink of their individual journeys. Halle dived deeper in acting and creating diversity in the entertainment industry landing the lead role as Ariel in the “Little Mermaid” live. Sister Chlöe expanded her music career, releasing her solo album, “Have Mercy”.

    During an appearance on “The Terrell Show” with singer-songwriter and host Terrell Grice, the “Have Mercy” singer opened up about finding success in the music industry and the real reason why some artists don’t see as much financial success as others.

    “Musicians don’t make a lot of money in the music industry,” the “Grown-ish” alum admitted to Grice around the 28-minute mark. “That’s why you see a lot of people — they have brand deals and brand sponsorships because that’s where the coin comes from. And touring. But music itself, you’re actually losing money,” she added.

    Chlöe experienced many of the known issues in the entertainment industry. However, one caught the Bailey sister by surprise.

    “You wanna know something else?” she asked. “I learned this because I would produce sis and I’s records. Producers outside will get paid a huge lump sum. But, because I would produce sis and I’s records, I couldn’t get paid because I was a producer within the group.”  Still, the Parkwood Entertainment signee said there are still plenty of opportunities for artists to profit off their skills.

    “The good is that, even though you lose money in the music business,” the solo artist stated.

    She continued, “you get a coin from everything that comes from the music you’re making”.

    “So, the music is almost like the ad. It’s a business. And it’s sad to think of it that way, but that’s why tours go big. … That’s where you make your money. And the big brand deals.”

    Due to this, certain nominations like “Producer of the Year” at the Grammys excluded Chlöe. But she also noted she’s not sure if the rules have evolved.

    In addition, Chloe Bailey confirmed that her debut album is officially complete, and though there’s no official release date, it’s sure to give off a summer vibe.

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