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    Colman Domingo Addresses ‘Euphoria’ Set Turmoil Rumors – The Music news

    Colman Domingo recently opened up about how the rumors that Euphoria is a “toxic production” aren’t true.

    The Daily Beast in 2022 published an exposé about the set of the hit HBO show, in which a number of anonymous sources made claims about 18-hour days and how the production failed to provide meals or allow bathroom trips while filming. The streamer noted there were never formal inquiries raised and that the well-being of cast and crew is “always a top priority.”

    In an interview with The Independent, promoting his new film Rustin, the actor explained that the rumors about Euphoria‘s environment may have come from younger actors who haven’t spent as much time in the industry as he has.

    “I’m not gonna invalidate [anyone’s] experience, but working in television is long hours,” he told the U.K. publication. “Sometimes you work up to 14 hours a day, and then you have to go home and prep. You have to really live and work in a very methodical way. A lot of young actors may not be up for the task or have that same work ethic.”

    He continued, “I’ve been in this business for 32 years. I know what hard work is. So, when I heard those ‘reports’” — The Independent noted the actor did air quotes when he said reports — “I thought, ‘Where is this coming from? That’s just a normal work day.’ Be a professional.”

    The actor added that Sam Levinson, who created Euphoria based on his own experience with addiction, would not allow for any mistreatment of his actors on set as he always advocates for them.

    Elsewhere in the profile, Domingo discussed his portrayal of Bayard Rustin in Rustin, which is receiving awards buzz.

    “There’s a propulsion right now for a film like Rustin,” he said. “So much legislation in the United States is trying to turn backwards into 1963 — when it comes to LGBTQIA+ rights, book bans, etc. I think that this film is meeting this time.”

    The Netflix film follows Martin Luther King Jr.’s advisor, who helped organize the March on Washington.

    As an openly Black man, Rustin has essentially been “erased from the civil rights movement he helped build,” the film’s logline reads.

    “It’s a very sexy movie about organizing, basically,” Domingo added. “That’s the sexiest part of this film. It’s not even about Rustin’s sex life. It really is about that potent energy of organizing and trying to bend our country towards justice.”

    Rustin is now streaming on Netflix.

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