Coronavirus Student loan Waiver and Border Entry Blocking

U.S Coronavirus

The Coronavirus spread has caused much delay and breaks for many.

As of  Friday’s press briefing, President Trump announced that the federal government would be waiving interest on all federally-held student loans and allowing for the suspension of payments without penalty for at least 60 days. Borrowers should contact their lenders for more details.

It was also announced that the federal government would not be enforcing standardized testing requirements for students in elementary through high school for the current year.

The president highlighted the positive partnerships and initiatives with Mexico and Canada amid the pandemic, such as limiting entry into the United States and limiting non-essential travel across the shared borders.

Many schools around the nation have cancelled graduations, Proms, and other school activities due to the Coronavirus. As for Chicago students are not expected to return to school until April 20th. Indianan schools have extended school return dates until May 1st.

More coronavirus updates will be posted as the virus status changes.



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