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    Couple Kicked Off of JetBlue Flight To Florida Threatens To Suit Passenger

    A couple kicked off of JetBlue flight to Florida threatens to suit the passenger and JetBlue.

    It all started as an unnamed couple interrupted the flight by using homophobic and racist slurs towards a couple across from them.

    The Video surfaced through Tik Tok. In the video the flight attendant approaches the couple to inform them that they had to leave the plane. The woman than says, “I’m going to shut my mouth. Free speech is dead.”

    The flight attendant then says, “Ma’am you’re coming off”. The passenger replied, ” We’re not coming off. You’re going to have to take everyone off”.

    She then turns to the victims and says, “Do you guys see what is happening to America. You didn’t like what he said. And now we’re getting kicked off a plane. All of you are going to have to wait. This is F’ing outrageous. You guys we’re going to turn into China”.

    She continued saying, “I love Elon Musk. He is the king. Because the mask people in our row is kicking us off the plane. T’s a beautiful day. I am happy to stay one more night.”

    She then turns to the victim couple and says, ” I am suing you. What is your name sir? I am suing you and I’m suing the airline”.

    The flight attendant then disconnects the seatbelts of the couple kicked off of the JetBlue flight.

    The man referred to as Gene or Jean by his wife says, struggles with the attendant to stay on the flight.

    The airline then informs the flight that everyone would need to get off the plane and reboard.

    The lady then says, “we have to get off the plane because we’re Trump supporters”.

    As the couple finally gets up to get off the plane the lady suggests one of the passengers put the recorded event on YouTube. even telling the passenger the camera is facing the wrong way.


    Couple yelling racist & homophobic slurs wouldn’t deboard plane today leaving West Palm Beach. A free show to all on board

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