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    Cynthia Erivo’s Black Women In Hollywood Speech Will Move You To Tears

    This year’s Black Women In Hollywood Awards was a unique celebration of the brilliance of Black women unlike any other for many reasons. Among them is the elegance, poise and incredible talent that is Grammy, Tony and Emmy award-winning powerhouse Cynthia Erivo.

    Speaking from her soul during her honoree acceptance speech, the Oscar-nominated entertainer reflected on what it was like to find a “home” in the unbreakable sisterhood she’s built with several of her peers since taking the leap of faith to leave her birthplace of South London and make her dreams a reality in America.

    “When I left the U.K. six years ago, I cried big hot tears. I cried because I thought I was leaving my home. I was scared because I thought I would be alone,” she said. “I didn’t realize that I would be lucky enough to gain a new home. And when I say ‘home,’ I do not speak of the four walls and the roofs that house us. I speak of the home that reaches inside your heart and fuses itself to your soul. The type of home that calls you up at the worst of times and says, “I was thinking about you, sis. How are you doing?” Because somehow, we always know.”

    Watch the video above to hear Cynthia Erivo’s empowering speech in full and then head over to www.essencestudios.com for more of everything you missed at the 2021 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards.

    The ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood are presented by Ford and sponsored by American Airlines, Coca-Cola and L’Oréal Paris.


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