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    Dallas Spirit Airlines Fight Leads To Suspension Of Agent

    A Spirit airlines fight went viral on Friday after footage of a passenger and a gate keeper fighting broke out. In the video Ayrianna Davis and Emmanuel Sullivan argue back and forth. Sullivan says, “you touched me first and then you got in my face. You are invading my personal space”. As the argument becomes more intense another man in a blue shirt step in between the two. Meanwhile the man in the blue shirt is also holding Emmanuel Sullivan, the Spirit airlines employee back from the woman.

    While the guy in the blue shirt stands between Ayrianna and Emmanuel to try to prevent the fight, Emmanuel can be heard saying, “she’s touching me”. Nevertheless, Ayrianna Davis continues to try to get closer Sullivan. But at the same time, she yells at him calling him the racial slur N word. Finally, Davis reaches all the way around and punches Sullivan.

    In that moment the guy in the blue shirt could no longer hold Sullivan back. He pushes his way through and chases Ayrianna. Both fall to the ground but get back up. Sullivan then strikes Davis in the back of her head.

    As the Spirit airlines flight circulated social media people were torn between who was right or wrong. Some say, Sullivan still should’ve not struck back at Davis since she is a woman. Meanwhile, other point out that she was taunting him. Especially, since she called him the racial slur N word.

    According to Spirit airlines the altercation took place on Thursday, July 11th. According to reports the Spirit fight stemmed from Davis exiting the jetway and screaming at Sullivan that the plane had no seat for her. The Spirit agent advised her “to get in line to speak to an agent, then took her boarding pass after she cut in line and became uncooperative.”

    Spirit released a statement saying, “‘Our vendor at DFW has suspended the agent. Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter,’ the airline wrote in a statement.”

    “Davis said she went to the hospital after the incident with a fractured left leg, abrasions on her right leg and other minor injuries. Photographs in the police report show a large abrasion on her right leg and swelling on her left leg,” said the report. “Davis denied using a racial slur, noting that she is Black. She said her language was because she was in ‘defense mode’ after Sullivan hit her.”

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