Dana Reese The Productivity Queen


There is nothing doper then a girl who has it all together. Dana Reese, the Productivity Queen built her company on just that. Let’s be honest, when you own a business there’s an overload of tasks that come along with it. Dana Reese, based her business idea on the fact that most business owners need assistance, She founded The Buddy Effect.
The Buddy Effect is a virtual assistance company that helps business owners manage their responsibilities. Dana Reese helps with keeping tasks up to date and completing them on time. She manages call backs, business files and more. She took a need and found a solution, the best way to start a business.

Many companies fail because of productivity. Several factors of failed companies are accounted for due to cost. Dana Reese made it easy for business owners to get the help they need at a cost effective price.

So, how does she do it? Dana Reese left us with some tips that anyone can try on their own to manage their lives and stay on task.

1. Plan
Planning the day of can leave you in shams, scrambling for the next step. Dana Reese suggests to plan you day the night before, and make sure to include family time.

2.Write It
In the age of technology everyone does things by phone or email, but writing down your tasks and checking them off actually gives you a sense of relief.

3. Reward Yourself
Everyone loves rewards. Think of this, if you were an employee and accomplished everything needed for your boss, they usually give you and award. This time you are the boss so don’t forget to reward yourself.

There are so many solutions for business owners to make life easy while being the king or queen of your castle. Dana Reese took a need and turned it into an empire.


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