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    Five new details arise over the murder of XXXTentacion. Previously the fingers were pointing towards two rappers by the name of Soldier Kidd and soldier JoJo. This theory came from the fact that there was a red mask at the time of the crime, and both rappers were seen with this “red mask” and were also not far away from where the crime occurred. until a witness spoke about what he saw during the crime scene.
    Your Tango breaks down five new facts about X’s murder

    1.Early Thursday, June 21, TMZ reported that police made an arrest and charged the man who shot XXXtentaction, 22-year-old Dedrick D. Williams, with murder. According to TMZ, Williams has at least 11 felonies on his record. Upon his arrest, Williams was also charged with a violation of probation on a previous arrest for grand theft auto. TMZ noted that he has also been arrested in the past for possession of cocaine and weapons.

    2.In 2014, Williams reportedly held a gun to his girlfriend’s head, earning him a charge for domestic violence and aggravated assault with a firearm.
    According to his Instagram page, he’s a tattoo artist. Ironically, he posted a photo in early June in his work uniform with the caption, “Thank God I ain’t dead or behind bars.” As of June 21, he is behind bars being held without bail.

    3.An Instagram account called Streetwatcherz uploaded what is reportedly a video of XXX’s mom receiving word from detectives that they caught her son’s killer. In the video, his mom is at a vigil for her son and tells everyone there that she just got a text that “they got him.”

    4.When news of XXXtentacion’s death broke, many people looked to his rivalries in search of a suspect. However, after the murder police reportedly treated the shooting as a “possible robbery.” While XXX’s family allegedly believed his murder was “not random,” according to Williams’ Broward County Sheriff’s arrest record he was charged with murder without premeditation, leading us to believe the murder was not caused by a rivalry.
    5.Though police originally considered XXXtentacion’s murder a “possible robbery gone wrong” because the suspects reportedly took a Louis Vuitton bag from the car, according to MTO News they have yet to specify a motive. According to the arrest record, police did not charge Williams with robbery.
    Dedrick was also charged with not having a valid I.D. yet again there is no indication on rather he knew Jahseh Onfroy.



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