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    Derek Chauvin’s Accused Stabber Demands Prison Privileges To Prep For Attempted Murder Trial

    The former Mexican gangster accused of shanking Derek Chauvin 22 times in a brazen prison attack pleaded for special inmate privileges to help him mount a defense in his attempted murder trial, can exclusively reveal.

    According to recently filed court documents, John Turscak asked for unlimited paper, a writing instrument, the ability to stack reams of legal documents in his prison cell and access to the prison computer for up to six hours a day.

    The request was made by his court-appointed lawyer Laura Udall who argued Turscak is legally entitled to personally review the evidence while he awaits trial in CoreCivic’s Central Arizona Florence Correctional Complex (CAFCC.)

    “This is necessary in order for Mr. Turscak to review the discovery in this case,” Udall stated in court documents. “The discovery in this case, as of today, is well over 950,000 kilobytes; this translates, conservatively, into thousands of documents.

    “The Government is producing disclosure on an ongoing basis. Mr. Turscak has repeatedly expressed a desire to review all of it so that he can more effectively assist in his defense. Counsel concurs that this is vital to the Defense.”

    Turscak has pled not guilty to the brazen attack on Chauvin who was in the law library at a Tucson, Arizona, penitentiary. Turscak was serving 30 years in Tucson for committing various crimes while working as a federal informant.

    Turscak at first admitted he shish kabobbed the former Minneapolis police officer serving 22.5 years for the 2020 death of George Floyd in a symbolic gesture for the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Turscak later retracted the boast during an interview with federal investigators.

    Turscak now apparently wants to mount a vigorous defense despite the overwhelming evidence that includes video surveillance and statements from corrections officer that had to pry him off the bloodied Chauvin.

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    Aside from the pencil and paper, Turscak demanded access to the prison computer – which federal prosecutors don’t mind giving him, documents showed.

    “A laptop is available for Mr. Turscak’s use at the CAFCC, provided the Court orders that Mr. Turscak be allowed adequate access to it. CAFCC policy limits access to 4-6 hours daily; the attached order specifies up to 6 hours daily, at Mr. Turscak’s option,” Udall stated in court documents.

    “Counsel for the Government advises that the Government does not oppose this motion.” The judge has yet to rule.

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