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    Detroit Commissioner Willie Burton Arrested By Detroit Police Department

    Detroit Commissioner Willie Burton is out on bond this morning. The commissioner was arrested by fellow officers during a debate. Willie Burton was expressing his concerns about facial recognition cameras, in which he expresses would be used against the African American community.

    During Willie Burton’s arrest he was yelling “Get your hands off of me”. Protestors showed up to protest wearing masks to cover their faces as an expression against the proposal.

    According, to reports the commissioner was arrested for disorderly conduct. Darryl Brown who is board of Police commissioner says, Willie Burton was only asking what enforcement would do differently when it comes to using these devices without racial targeting. Darryl Burton says he is all for Police using devices to do their job, but we have to make sure we have sound policy and technology that really works, that will give them what they need.

    Detroit says the facial recognition software would be used to find suspects during home invasions, burglaries, and other crimes.

    Chair women Lisa Carter told Fox News, ” We come here to have an orderly meeting. There’s a time for him to speak and that is the time allotted for him.”

    Assistant Chief Officer David Levalley told Fox news a decision was made to have Willie Burton arrested for disorderly conduct. He continues to say the officers did a great job in the way they handled the situation.

    Commisioner Willie Burton claims otherwise. He says he still had the floor because he was still speaking. He told Fox news, ” I am not subject to a two minute rule. I put my hands up and they grabbed me from behind and pulled me out of my seat like I was being criminalized”.


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