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    Disney attempts to recreate Tiana from “Princess and The Frog” but it looks like she has had some major work done according to fans.

    When the movie first came out people were so excited, as it marked the first African American princess ever for Disney. The movie incorporated an ethnically blended love affair between a princess and her prince. Tiana played by Anika Noni Rose fell in love with her prince Naveen played by Bruno Campos. Her prince was Spanish.

    Anika Noni Rose sat down with Disney to discuss “Wreck iy Ralph 2″ in which Princess Tiana would be a part of. Anika Noni Rose released a statement Tuesday stating that Disney asked her about changes made to Princess Tiana’s skin color and facial features for “Wreck It Ralph 2” in which Disney later corrected. 

    The princess appeared to have a lighter complexion, hince skin bleaching. Her hair is no longer in a bun, it has been altered with highlights and lose curls. Tiana’s nose even looks a bit different, and not so afro centric but a bit more European.

    According to the actress she said,
    “My team and I immediately put in a call to the studio to talk about the visual changes, and three weeks ago I had a meeting in person with the ‘Wreck-It Ralph team,’ my original animator Mark Henn, and others,”.

    “They explained how CGI animation did different things to the characters’ color tones in different light compares to hand drawn original characters, and I was able to express how important it is to the little girls (and let’s face it, grown women) who felt represented by her that her skin tone stay as rich as it had been, and that her nose continue to be the little round nose that Mark so beautifully rendered in the movie; the same nose on my very own face and on many other little brown faces around the world, that we so rarely get to see represented in fantasy,” Rose said.

    Social media took to the word of the changes in a laighing yet serious way, when Instagram comedian Queen Saiya describes her it is like a whole different person.

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