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    Disney is making history in 2018 developing it’s first Nigerian Princess movie. For a long time, girls of color had no identity when it came to Disney princesses that looked like them.
     Disney has tried to correct this issue with films like Moana and The Princess and the Frog, however that still wasnt enough. Now we are finally getting a real African princess fairy tale.

    According to Deadline, Disney has greenlit Sadé, a live-action film about a warrior princess in Africa. Naturally, as a princess, she oversees her kingdom and uses her magical powers to defend her home from evil. She’ll have some help along with the way: the kingdom’s prince will be her sidekick, and along with an animal best friend, because all Disney princesses have an animal BFF. We would love it if Nala, the true boss of Simba’s pride, made an appearance to chase some enemies off the Serengeti plains.

    The creators are Lindsey Reed Palmer and Ola Shokunbi, who will write the story. This will be the first major screenplay for Shokunbi and Palmer, and they’ll be helming a story that, you know, will be a huge part of young girls’ childhoods for years to come.

    Famuwiya will produce and Scott Falconer will executive produce through their Verse production banner.

    He is well known for writing and directing the award-winning coming-to-age film “Dope’’ among others, including “The Flash’’, “Confirmation’’ and “Our Family Wedding’’.

    Although a director has yet to be named, Tendo Nagenda and Zoe Kent are overseeing the project for the studio.

    Disney saw massive success in 2018 with its Marvel blockbuster flick “Black Panther,” set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

    According to The movie had worldwide box office grosses hitting 1.35 billion dollars. It’s the third-highest domestic performer of all time at 700 million dollars.

    Refinery 29 states there are no announcements on the cast as of yet.

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