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Disney Star China Mcclain And Her Racist Experience – Celebrity News

You may know China Mcclain from Disney’s “Ant Farm” and the hit movie “Daddy’s Little girls”, but China is all grown up and has had her share of racist experiences. She took to social media to express a few encounters she has had, along with her family members.

“I just thought about this experience that I had with a couple of my family members. I just thought I’d share in the spirit of education.”

“Anyway, I was at the airport with my sister, and it’s my sister, myself, and a family member that we have that has health issues. So usually to avoid walking those long stretches at the airport we get them a wheelchair and then it’s a woman pushing a wheelchair so all four of us are black. We walk up on the train, the train hasn’t arrived yet and so we were standing there waiting so that we can get to baggage claim. There’s maybe a couple of people really just a few people sprinkled in front of some of these stores.”

“So there’s this Caucasian man kind of standing to the left a little bit of the doors, so my sister and I we’re back away from the doors and we’re kind of close to this man without impeding on his personal space. The woman that’s pushing the wheelchair that my family member is in pulls the wheelchair up to the side of one of the doors because that’s usually what you do with somebody that’s in a wheelchair so they should have more time to get them on the train. She did it in a way where people can get on and get off at the same time. This man this white man next to us looks up and sees us and he’s just starring. So I looked and I’m just kind of like thinking that he’s going to say something, so I just waited for him to look at me so I can make eye contact and smile.”

While China Mcclain was waiting to greet the man with a friendly gesture, he opens his mouth to speak and says “you’re blocking the doors.”

“It’s obvious ain’t nobody blocking the doors, so we already know what’s going on.”

The woman that has the wheelchair according to China, was very respectful and replied to the guy  “it’s ok there’s a lot of space they can go around.”

At this moment China Mcclain gasps to continue her story, with indication on how irritated she was at this point of the incident. “Anybody knows me knows I’m not good at situations like this. I’m kind of a hot head so these situations, I don’t handle them well.”

“The doors open, nobody’s on the train nobody’s trying to get off, it’s just us. So this man walks and sits in the handicap seats. So my sister and I just grab a pole, the same pole and we all get on the train, and the train starts moving. I’m praying that this guys stop just comes up so he can get off the train but that never happened.”

Then the doors open at one of the stops and this Caucasian woman gets the train with a stroller. “She was standing in front of the doors.”

“This man looks up and sees her and as soon as he looks up and sees her, he hops up out pf his seat, and he’s like oh ma’am please, please sit down, (the lady sits, and the man stands up) and this man all the places that he could have gone, all the things he could have held on to he comes and stands over me and grab the pole above my hand, and is standing there over me.”

“This is light weight stuff, I am just like or every other day when I tell you that these moments make you feel like you’re less than human, or make you feel like you’re less than a woman, it’s just like what do you have against me I don’t even know you,  never met you, you don’t know my name, you don’t know how old, you don’t know nothing about me or anybody that I have with me, but you’re treating me like this, why.”

But the funny thing is and it’s not funny, Black people have self consciously learned how to rate racism. We just had to try to learn what level of racism we are dealing with, and we just breathe and let it go because it’s so common, and we deal with it all the time.

China Mcclain went on to talk about how her mother was asked for her Food stamps in a store, presumptively from a cashier. “Like my mom some months ago was in the store and the guy that was just assuming that she didn’t have the money to pay for the food that’s in our basket. The guy that was ringing her up was like Where are your food stamps ma’am. ” 

“Stuff like that that builds up and build up and build up and it’s just like it’s back to back to back to back to back to back to back experiences.”

 “The situation that pisses black people off the most is dealing with racist police, but in those situations those are the ones that we have to really exercise the most self control in because those are the situations where we could really lose our lives. Being that upset but also having to just keep your hands up and keep your head down and like really over explain what it is that you’re doing, like okay sir I’m reaching for my wallet I’m really not trying to do anything to hurt you, we are clear on that right.”

Mcclain has a younger brother who recently learned how to drive, and spoke about how scared she is for him to drive because of the many police incidents of black men driving and being killed.

“My dad has taught everybody in the house that and how to handle situations when we are dealing with cops that are  tripping for no reason.”

What are your thoughts on her story, share your experiences below.


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