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    DJ Shiti’s Baby Mama Accuses Comedian Of Neglecting Daughter

    Didn’t DJ Shiti and girlfriend Fash Hussein welcome a baby girl less than 2 years ago? Well, despite sealing their love with a child – word making rounds on social media is that there’s trouble in paradise.

    Shiti’s girlfriend welcomes baby girl!

    This is after Fash Hussein (Shiti’s ex) decided to hold a QnA session giving fans a chance to dig deep into her ‘marriage’ and being one who is bitter, probably hurt and a little disappointed by her choice in men – she spilled the dirt in her marriage tsk tsk as if followers would help solve her problems.

    But I guess this a price most young marriages are currently paying cause damn…nobody respects their own privacy anymore.

    Comedian DJ Shiti

    Shiti’s baby mama shares dirt

    Anyway, as for the dirt shared by Fash Hussein, we understand that she accused DJ Shiti of cheating on her with multiple women – adding that he could even bring others to their marital home. Alaar Shiti ataambia watu nini…

    Fash revealed this while responding to one of her followers who asked: Did he ever beat you or cheat on you. Why did you leave?

    To which Fash wrote: Too much cheating…brought others to our home.

    DJ Shiti’s baby mama Fash Hussein

    Another fan asked whether the two talk or even have a co-parenting relationship: How’s the relationship between you and him?

    And just like that, Fash branded her daughter’s father a deadbeat…a statement uttered while angry or probably just fed up. Apparently, deadbeat dad.

    Source: Ghafla

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