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    DMX Encouraged a Fan to Forgive Her Father Who Suffered from Drug Addiction Before Passing Away

    The passing of DMX has rocked the hip-hop community as many artists, including Swizz Beatz, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Redman, and many more reflected on the impact the MC left on them.

    But they weren’t the only ones.

    A fan of DMX named Sheila took to Twitter to share a heartfelt story about how her encounter with DMX in 2017 helped her forgive her father, who suffered from addiction.

    “DMX is the reason I forgave my father after he passed for his years of addiction,” Sheila tweeted on April 9. She went on to say she met the rapper in 2017 after hearing him from her room in the hallway of a hotel.

    Sheila and DMX. @Sheeeluhhh/Instagram

    “It was all divine intervention. I ran to the hallway & met him. We spoke for 15 mins,” she wrote. “We spoke about addiction & he encouraged me to forgive my father for what he couldn’t control. He said, ‘forgive him.’ I needed to hear that. Of all people, it came from someone I grew up listening to bc of my dad,” she added.

    Sheila went on to say she credits the “Get It On The Floor” MC on how to learn forgiveness, especially after the rapper had his bouts with drug addiction over the years.

    “I am praying that he gives himself grace — in this lifetime and beyond. His words and impact have left a deep legacy,” she tweeted.

    “God used him & his words as a vessel in this lifetime — words that will outlive his earthly existence. Prayers & light to his children and family. May he rest in the power that many of us found in his words & art,” Sheila concluded in her series of tweets.

    Sheila told The Shade Room that her father passed in 2012 and held on to so much hurt before she met the NYC rapper. “After meeting DMX, I finally was able to bring myself to visit his gravesite for the first time since his funeral,” Sheila said to The Shade Room.

    Sheila added that she’s now at peace with her father’s passing, for what he was battling was much more extensive than him. She lastly thanked DMX for the advice he gave her.

    “Thank you for your art over the years — I feel like you said everything through your music that my dad couldn’t find the words to articulate. Thank you for showing me the healing power in forgiveness and extending grace to others,” Sheila concluded.

    Rest in Peace, DMX!

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