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    Dr Yue P Yu Allegedly Caught on Camera Poisoning Her Husband

    Irvine Dr Yue P Yu caught on camera poisoning her husband, now released, posted a 30,000-dollar bond last Friday. An in-home camera captured the California Dermatologist pouring drain cleaner into her husband hot lemonade. Her husband noticed he started feeling sick.

    In the July 18 incident, Chen allegedly covered his cup with plastic wrap. When he was gone, Yu took the drain cleaner from under the kitchen sink, removed the cellophane covering, poured the liquid into the lemonade, then replaced the cellophane, the filing said.

    Dr Yue P Yu and her husband Dr. Jack Chen, 53, a radiologist had been married for 10 years. According to NBC, the alleged poisonings happened July 11, 18 and 25, according to the filing.

    Officials arrested Dr. Yue Yu, 45 on Thursday. Irvine Police Department stated they booked her into the Orange County jail.

    Chen said he started noticing a “chemical taste” in his lemonade in March and April. He went to a doctor who diagnosed him with two stomach ulcers, gastritis and inflammation of the esophagus. The health issues prompted him to set up the cameras.

    The couple married in 2012 and have two children, ages 7 and 8.

    Yu is a dermatologist affiliated with Providence Mission Hospital.

    A spokesperson for the hospital said Yu is a dermatologist with Mission Heritage Medical Group, which serves communities in South Orange County, and her office is not located in the hospital.

    “This is an active police investigation and Mission Heritage Medical Group is cooperating fully with the Irvine Police Department,” the spokesperson said. “The incident is a domestic matter which occurred in Irvine, and we want to reassure our community that there has been no impact on our patients.”

    Wohl, Yu’s attorney, said his client, who goes by her first name Emily, is “a well-respected physician.”

    “Her goal has always been to help people and never to harm people. Accordingly, she also strongly denies her husband’s claims of abusing him and their children emotionally and physically,” he added.

    “We are very concerned that these false allegations have been made by her husband in an attempt to gain an advantage in his recently filed divorce and custody case against her,” Wohl said.

    A spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said they are still reviewing evidence and have not made a filing decision yet. Yu isn’t due in court until Nov. 3, 2022.

    The two share two children together, a 7-year-old and an 8-year-old. The wife caught on camera claims she never tried to poison her husband. So far, she is not officially charge. Her husband filed for a divorce the same day.


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