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    Efforts in place to revitalize crime-ridden Camelot Condominiums

    Proposed plans also include trying to get grants to improve existing condos and possibly add retail development in the complex.

    SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — It used to be a gem of the community, but the Camelot Condominiums in the City of South Fulton have become run down and crime-ridden. Now plans are in the works to redevelop part of the land and revitalize the existing homes.

    A fire destroyed a building on a now-vacant lot in 2020. The HOA president said tentative plans are to build senior housing on the space.

    Carmen Lovejoy-Brown has lived at the Camelot Condos for quite some time. 

    “It’s been 39 years. It was beautiful, quiet, peaceful,” Lovejoy-Brown said.

    However, things have changed over the years. According to the City of South Fulton Police Department, 15 homicides have happened at Camelot since 2019, and six of them have happened this year alone, but homeowners like Lovejoy-Brown hope the revitalization plans can clean up the community she loves.

    “I’m for anything that’s going to help us because we’re older, we don’t have money to run, or go someplace else,” Lovejoy-Brown said. “I just want to continue to keep living here in Camelot.”

    Councilman Corey A. Reeves and HOA President Tabetha Rowe said proposed plans also include trying to get grants to improve existing condos and possibly add retail development in the complex.

    “It will bring that freshness back to Camelot,” Rowe said. “We have seniors that have been there for years. That is not our intention to tear anything down or to move anyone out.” 

    “This is one of the highest priorities, and I’m just going to say that everybody is going to be pleased with the proposal because it’s a win-win for everybody involved,” Reeves said.

    Most of the homeowners 11Alive spoke to said they’d give the proposal the green light.

    “I would vote yes if it’s going to benefit the current situation because apparently by looking at the neighborhood, you can tell that it’s been a long time since anything’s really been done to it, and the money has to come from somewhere,” Cale Randall said.

    “I will vote if it makes sense, and the reason why I would do it is because I do want to see our community come back. I do want to see us be a be a great community again,” Perfect Love said.

    The next step is to get a vote from homeowners and if they approve, the project is expected to be completed in several years.


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