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    Emmett Till Killed 70 Year Ago Bryant Donham Warrant Never Served

    Emmett Till killed 70 years ago, Warrant Hidden in Court House

    Emmett Till killed 70 years ago, may finally reach some justice after the warrant for Carolyn Bryant Donham was found buried in a courtroom.

    According to Till’s family a warrant for the arrest of Carolyn Bryant Donham laid unserved in a file folder placed in a box. Back then documents were kept inside of boxes.

    The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation along with two members of Till’s family started the investigation. His cousin Deborah Watts heads the foundation. Her daughter Terri Watts aided as well. Once they located the warrant, Stockstill certified authenticity.

    Now the family pushes for serving the warrant. As well as charges against Bryant Donham.

    Leflore County sheriff confirmed the warrant was never served. Primarily due to younger children in Carolyn Bryant Donham’s home.

    But District Attorney Dewayne Richardson cited a December report. The report stated the prosecution wasn’t possible. Mrs. Roy Bryant, as named on the warrant, now 80 years old lives in North Carolina.

    Emmett Till killed at 14 years old, traveled from Chicago to visit his Mississippi family. During his visit to a store with his cousin he whistled at a woman working in the store. The then 21-year-old employee, Carolyn Bryant Donham. The woman then informed her husband, Roy Bryant.

    Later in life, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam admitted to killing Emmett Till During an interview. But the court initially acquitted them from the murder crime back then.

    5 to 6 years ago investigation continued on Till’s murder. But according to Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks, no one provided the old unserved warrant.

    Since this important document never met the trials evidential items, Banks stated addressing the DA for advice.

    “I will see if I can get a copy of the warrant and get with the DA and get their opinion on it,” Banks said.

    Furthermore, “If the warrant can still be served, Banks said, he would have to talk to law enforcement officers in the state where Donham resides.”


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