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    Essynce Moore Who Is She?

    At 13 years old Essynce Moore was into the books, not only reading but publishing and creating a relaxing environment for others. Essynce, who is now 16 years old is the first to have her books in school as mandatory reading. Her initial book was titled “6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where NO Secrets Are Kept,” at that time Essynce had also opened a Spa & Boutique in New Jersey for tweens.

    Essynce opened Essynce Couture Spa & Boutique in 2015 as an upscale oasis for children, tweens, and teens. The trendy spa will allow girls and boys to enjoy a liberating experience from services such as: hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, private birthday celebrations, and exclusive boutique shopping featuring the latest trends from Essynce Couture, and other designers. Black Entrepreneur writes “Essynce began her career at the early age of 6 years old. She has received various awards and acknowledgements for her many accomplishments and serves as living proof that today’s youth can achieve anything their heart desires. The Mayor of Hillside, NJ declared May 26, 2016, as “Essynce Day” in honor of the young mentor”.Black Entrepreneur

    Essynce didn’t stop there. Over the past few years she has continued to use her experiences in school as a guide through her publishing releasing a book dedicated to 7th grade and 8th grade. Her 2nd book “7th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Oh Essynce, If Only You Could See the Future”… was released in 2016. In 2017 she released “8th Grade Middle School Chronicles: The Year That Changed Everything”. All three books focus on the real life changes that occur during junior high. Essynce even writes that there may be things that you don’t even want to read about, but the truth is they are all life lessons. Essynce not only went on to write a guideline through junior high but she also brought her novels on tour, as one of the first teen traveling book writers.

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