Exclusive Sneak Peek At Carmel’s Backstory On ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’


Exclusive Sneak Peek At Carmel’s Backstory On ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’

If you dove headfirst into the new drama series Nine Perfect Strangers when it debuted on Hulu last Wednesday, you can likely already tell there’s more to Carmel than being a doting wife and mother.

Played by Regina Hall, Carmel is the only Tranquillum guest who seems to actually want to be there. And in this week’s episode, we learn why she’s come to the wellness retreat for “weight loss, esteem-building, and mind and body transformation,” as she shared in episode one.

On Wednesday, Carmel will eagerly have her first one-on-one therapy session with Tranquillum founder Marsha (played by Nicole Kidman) whom she reveres. During the session, Carmel’s overreaction to Ben’s innocent comment “at least you had that time with your kids” is explained when the stay-at-home mom reveals her abusive husband has left her for a younger woman whom her daughters love. That reality has not only taken a toll on Carmel’s self-esteem but sparked fears she’ll also lose her girls to this other woman. Whether Marsha and her unorthodox treatment methods can help Carmel with this issue remains to be seen.

Check out the sneak peek of the episode in the video below. The fourth episode of Nine Perfect Strangers will stream on Hulu this Wednesday, August 25.


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