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    Flavor of Love Flavor Flav Clock Theory

    Flavor Love Flavor Fav, also now known as the father of 8 clock theory is in question. Some are calling him the father of time. While others cannot seem to understand how he is still making babies at 63. Gyrlversion originally reported the details three years ago but some news outlets just discovered his 3-year-old son.

    A paternity test proved the rapper has a 3-year-old son named Jordan with his former manager, according to TMZ.

    The outlet only identified the female employee as “Kate,” but a LinkedIn profile for a woman named Kate Gammell shows she worked as Flav’s manager in 2017.

    Gammell’s Instagram profile also shows several photos of her with Jordan. The photos were compared to the ones from TMZ.

    When news broke many started talking. Especially, bringing up his reality show Flavor of Love.

    One person on Twitter said, Y’all letting Flavor Flav get y’all pregnant?? At 63??

    Another person said, move over Nick Cannon, Flavor Flav is still going… the rapper learns he has another child (his 8th) by his former manager after a recent DNA test.

    One person mentioned the antics on the reality show, Flavor of Love. Those women were really on television going to war over Flavor Flav, they wrote.

    At that point, the 63-year old’s clock came into question. One Twitter account posted calling him Father Time. Following the caption with a photo of the rapper wearing his clock.

    Another person posted, It’s gotta be that big ass clock.

    Whatever it is, the biggest question remained, who is smashing Flavor Flav at 60?

    Apparently, his former manager.

    At 63, the reality star does not seem to be slowing down anything. Not even when it comes to women or the celebrity life.

    The celebrity also has god children to add to his bunch. He posted support for his god son, Nico Ali Walsh, who is also a boxer.

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