Foot Masks Are A Trend You Must Add To Your Self-Care Routine

Foot Masks Are A Trend You Must Add To Your Self-Care Routine
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As summer quickly comes to an end (officially ending September 22), it’s time to prepare for the cooler months ahead. As we step into the new season and change up our self-care routine to fit, it is important that we don’t neglect any parts of our body, especially our feet

Recently, foot masks have become a growing trend in foot care that promises to have feet feeling silky smooth and walking with confidence. If you’re unfamiliar with foot masks, we got the deets:

According to, the single-use products shaped like a sock consist of a serum-covered fabric (like a regular sheet mask), with a plastic exterior to keep your foot and the serum contained while you treat your skin for at least 10 minutes. The great thing about these moisturizing mask-socks is that you can cautiously walk around the house in them.

What makes the foot mask different from foot peels is that they claim to hydrate the skin and soften calluses, they do not claim to exfoliate or peel the dead skin off the way that foot peels do. 

While there are many foot mask formulations on the market, only a few have the expectations we desired. See below a list of the masks that had us on the good foot.


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