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    Former President Barack Obama Wins Emmy For Netflix Narrative

    Former President Barack Obama shared a video to his social media page of local middle school students exploring Yellow Stone National Park.

    The documentary was filmed under Higher Ground media company.  President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama founded the company with a mission to elevate stories and voices that bend the arc.

    Barack won a 2022 Emmy for the narration of the Nexflix series, Our Great National Parks.

    During an episode of the five part series, the 44th President told the middle school students, “we’re just going to be having a gab fest. We’re just going to be hanging, talking”.

    One of the students joked saying, “we’re going to be spilling the tea”.

    The former president also took time to ask the students to reflect on how they felt spending time in Yellow Stone Park.

    A Facebook group supporting the show, spoke on how much they loved the documentary.

    One person said, This series is amazing! The photography is outstanding and it is very interesting. I did not know about the surfing hippos in Ghana!

    Another person commented saying, Loving this show so much! Obama’s narration is so smooth and calming.

    Additionally, this places Barack Obama two awards away from having an EGOT.

    Obama previously won Grammy awards for his audiobook reading of two of his memoirs, The Audacity of Hope and A Promised Land. Michelle Obama won her own Grammy for reading her audiobook in 2020.

    The former President Barack Obama is also the second President ever to win an Emmy. Dwight D Eisenhower was given a special Emmy in 1956.

    But we won’t be surprised if he does win a Tony, or an Oscar soon. The Obama family is slaying it in the film industry. Malia Obama is set to release a film based on a Beyonce like character called The Hive. Meanwhile, Sasha Obama returned to school at USC. The school majors in film and arts. No confirmation of her major has been released. But we can imagine it will complement the families calling.

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