Gabrielle Union Fires Back When People Tell Her To Dress Her Age

Gabrielle Union's Instagram

Gabrielle Union fires back when people tell her to dress her age. Socialites can not inspire Gabrielle Union, because this new mommy is not changing her style for granny knitted sweaters, and over sized trousers. Gabrielle Union owns her own fashion line, which is inspired by her taste of Fashion, there is no changing a designers mind. Socialites recently got the idea that it was o.k to give the new mom some fashion advice anyway.

Gabrielle took to Instagram recently, sharing her goals for 2019 like everyone else, and suddenly the trolls came trolling.

“All my unfinished work/projects from 2018 looking at me as I prepare my vision board for 2019 like And a glimpse of my upcoming @nyandcompany eat/pray/love/travel/chill collection available next week!!”

Before we mention what the trolls said, may we add the fact that Gabrielle Union has been killing fashion that even some 20 years young of her age could not even slay. We have never seen her on the worse dressed list EVER!!! Now for the the troll comments.

“Can you dress your age please?”

The new mom, new life new year enthusiast had no problem requesting for elaboration, in a clap back kind of way. Gabrielle Union left a classy questioning.

“Oh I’d looooove to hear what you think is age-appropriate,” the Bring It On star said. “Please gimme alllll the age-appropriate fashion advice I didn’t know I needed in my life.”

We bet that Instagram user can not even guess Gabrielle Union’s age, because from what we see she is timeless beauty.


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