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    Ginny & Georgia Brianne Howey And Antonia Gentry Co-Star Test

    Alright y’all, my latest TV obsession is Ginny & Georgia on Netflix, and I just want to talk about it with everyone.

    The show follows Ginny and Georgia, a mother-daughter duo who move to a small town to start over. Soon, secrets about Georgia’s past are exposed as they try to build a new life in their new town.

    It’s equal parts family drama and teen angst, and I cannot recommend it enough.

    So, to celebrate Ginny & Georgia now streaming on Netflix, we had Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry take our costar test to find out how well they ~really~ know each other.

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    And, let’s just say, they not only have the mother-daughter relationship down on screen, but off screen they are just as close.

    Like, without skipping a beat, Brianne knew Antonia’s birthday.

    And Antonia knew for certain what Brianne’s favorite scene between Ginny and Georgia is.

    While they were a little fuzzy on coffee orders and each other’s first acting jobs, I am absolutely obsessed with how close they are behind the scenes.

    You can check out Brianne and Antonia in Ginny & Georgia, which is streaming now on Netflix.

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