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    Glee’s Worst Moment Was “What Does The Fox Say”

    I think I honestly blocked that performance from my memory.

    It’s quite a revealing interview — but there’s one part in particular that’s recently gone viral on Dating Straight’s TikTok account, and that’s when interviewer Amy asks Kevin and Jenna to tell her the moment they decided to hate Glee.

    @datingstraight / TikTok / Via

    The two immediately start cracking up.

    However, Kevin soon clarifies “I never hated it” (though he says some of the cast did, and Jenna agrees) and mentions that he was the last one of the cast to “lose it.”

    “I held out as long as I could,” Kevin says. “It was ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ was the boiling point for me.”


    “With the puppets,” Jenna adds, mentioning that Season 5 was rough.

    The song was performed in the Muppets episode, where a gas leak causes Blaine to hallucinate his friends as Muppets. At the end, he gifts the Glee Club puppets, and they perform the viral hit.

    Artie’s puppet even has a wheelchair.


    In the interview, Kevin also addresses the fact that he played a character in a wheelchair despite not using one himself, saying he’d never do it now.

    Amy then mentions “Gangnam Style,” and through laughter, Kevin points to Jenna, who makes *this* face.

    In case you’ve somehow forgotten, Jenna (who’s from South Korea) performed the rapping in the song.


    Ryan Murphy has since said it’s the Glee performance he most regrets, calling it “mortifying.”

    Jack (the other interviewer) calls this “pretty bad,” and Amy refers to the show as “tone-deaf.” Kevin and Jenna quickly agree.

    datingstraight / TikTok / Via

    They also joke about Will Shuester being problematic, though if you watch the full interview, Jenna and Kevin later mention he was probably just lonely and didn’t deserve jail time or to be fired.

    Well, there ya have it — looks like the Glee cast hated covering songs like “What Does the Fox Say?” and “Gangnam Style” as much as we hated listening to them. In case you’re interested, you can watch the rest of the interview below!

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