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    Glenn Close’s ‘Da Butt’ dance wins the 2021 Oscars: ‘Iconic’

    The 93rd Annual Academy Awards were interesting, to say the least, but there’s one moment the internet can collectively agree was the best: Glenn Close’s knowledge of “Da Butt.”

    After two-and-a-half hours of a mostly snooze-worthy telecast, Lil Rel Howery did a segment where he went around and asked stars in the audience whether they could name Oscar-nominated songs from the past. While Daniel Kaluuya and Andra Day were great participants, it was Close who stole the show.

    When Questlove, the Oscars DJ, played Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt,” the 74-year-old actress knew the song right away. (The tune appeared on the original soundtrack to Spike Lee’s School Daze.) 

    “Wait a second… I know, that’s ‘Da Butt!'” Close said. “‘Da Butt’ was a classic song by the great Washington, D.C., go-go band E.U. So, shout-outs to Sugar Bear and the whole backyard band… I remember this, so Spike Lee had it written for his brilliant movie, School Daze. And my friends at the Oscars, um, missed it, and it wasn’t nominated so it couldn’t have won which I think is just an eff’in tragedy.”

    Close then got up and did the “Da Butt” move — and it was the GIF seen around the world.

    While Close won over social media with her dance skills, she made some unfortunate history, too. The Hillbilly Elegy actress was nominated for her eighth acting Oscar on Sunday but tied Peter O’Toole’s record for the most acting nominations without a win. But who cares! Winning over social media is a bigger feat these days. 

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