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    Golden Globes Adds Categories for Best Blockbuster Movie, TV Comedian – The Music news

    Two new awards will be presented at the 81st Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024, the Golden Globes organization announced Tuesday — and, among others, the makers of Barbie and Chris Rock have reason to be excited.

    One new category, best cinematic and box office achievement, will include eight nominees chosen “from among the year’s highest-earning and/or most viewed films that have gained extensive global audience support and produced exceptional creative content.” More specifically, films will be eligible “if they achieve a box office receipt total/gross of $150 million, of which $100 million must come from the U.S. domestic box office, and/or obtain commensurate digital streaming viewership recognized by trusted industry sources.” (Meanwhile, films released after Nov. 22 through the end of the calendar year “may qualify based on projected box office performance and/or digital streaming views from trusted industry sources.”)

    Golden Globes voters will then “determine the nominees and winner based on excellence.” (Eligibility for this award will not preclude recognition in any other category, such as best motion picture drama or musical/comedy.)

    Another new category, best performance in stand-up comedy on television (aka best stand-up comedian on television), will recognize six nominees who gave “traditional stand-up comedy performances of at least 30 minutes, other than roles in television series, limited series, anthology series or motion pictures made for television” on “a recognized media platform (individual social media accounts do not qualify).” Only programs first aired or made available for viewing on demand in the United States during the qualifying calendar year are eligible.

    “The Golden Globes has a rich history of supporting and celebrating the work of comedians, and we’re thrilled to honor their brilliance alongside outstanding motion picture and television performances of the year,” Helen Hoehne, the president of the Golden Globes organization, said in a statement. “Additionally, we are proud to recognize the hard work and innovation that goes into making a film that is both a blockbuster and artistically exceptional.”

    “The new Cinematic and Box Office Achievement award is more than just rewarding the year’s top earning and most viewed motion pictures,” added Tim Gray, Golden Globes evp. “These films have typically not been recognized among industry awards, but they should be.”

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