Grace Eleyae Used Her Hair To Supply Water To Nigeria

Gracec Eleyae screenshot

Grace Eleyae turned a childhood experience into a chain of supply for families in Nigeria. Grace grew up in America. She lived in a predominately Caucasian suburb. As a child, like many other Grace aspired to be fashionable and trendy. However, her natural hair didn’t fit the trend in her neighborhood. Therefore, she relied on perms, straightening’s, wigs and weaves to change her natural locks.

In 2014, Grace Eleyae decided to put a time out on unnatural hair. At this time the trend of what good hair was had changed. So many celebrities were breaking the scene with natural locks, Afros, and wash and go styles. Grace Eleyae decided it was her time to go back to her roots. She did the big chop. Cutting off hair straightened locks, Eleyae discovered there was a process to protecting her natural hair.

She invested in keeping her hair conditioned. However, she would do discover that on Wash and Go days it wasn’t in her best interest to just wash and go. Therefore, she though of a better plan that would protect her damp tresses. Grace Eleyae invented the Satin lined cap. This cap would protect your hair from drying out and breaking on bad fibers like rough pillows. Her solution became a sensation to many naturalistas.

Today, Grace Eleyae has sold over 700,000 of her products. She has extended her line to all arrays of hair protection. Her line covers Fedora’s, snapbacks, and Winter hats. These products are made with the intent to be fashionable and protective of your locks. Not to mention, they are plenty of colors to choose from.

Nevertheless, her good dead to mankind would not stop there. Grace’s company grew to over a million dollars in revenue in under a year.As a result, this revenue allowed her to give back to Nigeria. Grace Eleyae Inc uses funds from purchases to provide fresh accessible water to her family’s village in Uzere, Nigeria.

To join the movement you can purchase Grace Eliyae online directly through her store Grace Eleyae Inc

Grace Eleyae Warm Winter Hat



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