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    Dee-Ann Kintish Rogers slays Miss Universe in Great Britain, making history in 2018. The heptathlete was more than just a boundary breaker, not only was she the firt black winner in 66 years, but also the first Miss Universe Great Britain has crowned with dreadlocks.
    Dee-Ann Kintish Rogers gave a statement on her excitement: “[T]o my knowledge, I am the first dreadlocked woman to walk across a Miss Universe Great Britain stage,” Kentish-Rogers told Pageant News. “[A]nd that is absolutely most exciting to me.”

    She proves you can be beautiful and athletic at the same time.
    The difference I want to make is simply representing for women in general and in particular Women in Sports. I want to raise the profile of women in sports so that they will be able to gather more sponsorship and representation in the media. I am also very passionate about seeing equal pay opportunities for women in sports. This is where I want to make a difference. she tells Pageant News.

    Miss Universe Great Britain’s national director also expressed her excitement to Buzzfeed.
    I can honestly say there is no better gift [than] having our first black winner to celebrate 10 years in [my] job. Dee-Ann is a true role model for all women of all skin colors and with her dynamism off the stage, coupled with her presence on the stage, I genuinely believe Great Britain has a chance at the Miss Universe crown this year.

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