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    Halle Berry Confused After Fan Refers to Her as His Grandmother – Atlanta Black Star

    A new Twitter trend has started up, and it’s got one celebrity confused.

    Last week Twitter users started uploading either photos that were old or newer photos they made look old by putting a black-and-white filter on them. The photos are mainly of celebrities but can be of anyone. Some can also be viral memes and famous movie scenes. But the joke of the trend is to pretend that these older-looking photos are of the users’ grandparents from decades or even a century ago.

    Halle Berry responds to Twitter user calling her “grandma” for a trend. @halleberry/Instagram

    Tessica Brown, dubbed the Gorilla Glue woman after putting the hardware adhesive in her hair, is one of the people that fell victim to the trend. A user put a black-and-white filter over the photo of her getting the adhesive removed from her hair and captioned it, “My Grandma in 1942, getting the first hair removal surgery.”

    Since many celebrities have been used for this joke, it is possible no one thought they would get a response from one. But “Catwoman” star Halle Berry, who has been a lot more vocal on Twitter lately, did. The tweeter took an old photo of Berry, added the filter, and wrote, “OMG my mom just sent me this rare photo of my grandma in 1964. The girls just weren’t doing it like her.”

    Berry caught wind of the picture despite not being tagged and said, “Um…” Another person who tried to keep the joke going posted a photo of Berry and Eddie Murphy from their movie “Boomerang.” They wrote, “Funny how she looks like my grandpa ex ..here a photo of them in 1963.”

    It seems Berry was confused about what the purpose of the post was and did not know it was supposed to be a joke. Raven Symone, Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson, and Megan Thee Stallion were among many other celebrities that were used in this new trend.

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