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    Halle Berry Helping ‘Bony’ Angelina Jolie Gain Muscle Ahead Of Duo’s Action Flick: Sources

    Bony Angelina Jolie is teaming up with Halle Berry for a new action flick and sources revealed the mom of six is counting on her super-buff co-star to beef up her notoriously scrawny bod, RadarOnline.com has learned.

    Although the big-screen stars intend to produce and star in the thriller Maude v Maude, a source spilled that Angelina, 47, is far from ready.

    “She’s skin and bones!” said a source. “She knows she needs to put on muscle and this is the motivator to finally do it. With everything else going on in her life she hasn’t been able to make her health a priority — but now that her work requires it, she’s out of excuses.”

    Angelina is turning to her sister Oscar winner, 56-year-old Halle, to whip her into shape, said a source. “Angelina can’t stop talking about Halle’s muscles,” dished the source. “She wants some of what Halle’s got, and Halle has agreed to help make it happen.”

    The ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt was the picture of health when she shot the action flick Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001. Sources said she needs to pack on another 15 pounds of muscle to look that fit again.

    “She knows it’s not going to be easy after more than 20 years,” said the source. “She’s not in her 20s anymore, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes.”

    Halle, who swears by a “strict ketogenic diet,” is convinced she can help Angelina fill out and tone up, according to the insider, who claims Jolie is already on a strict diet and workout schedule.

    “Halle’s a fanatic when it comes to food. She’s paleo and always trying to convert people, so she was thrilled when Angelina asked for her guidance,” said the source. “She’s got Angie drinking bone broth, loading up on health fats and lifting weights.”

    “Angie is weak and totally out of shape, but she’s determined to kick b— with Halle’s help,” said the insider.

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