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    Here’s How Keke Palmer Manifested Herself Into Season 5 of ‘Insecure’

    Here’s How Keke Palmer Manifested Herself Into Season 5 of ‘Insecure’

    Like most of us, Keke Palmer is a huge fan of HBO’s Insecure, and extra excited to see what unfolds in its fifth and final season. 

    However, her expression of that excitement on social media actually ended up landing the 28-year-old actress a part on the show. 

    It all started when Keke posted her enthusiasm for the upcoming season shortly after its announcement. Fans mixed up excitement for an announcement of her own involvement.

    She also reposted the tweet to Instagram, stressing that now that she plays more adult roles, she’d make a perfect match for the show. 

    “I just turned 27 @issarae, I’m starting to appear as an adult now. I’m ready!,” she wrote. “Or let’s just kill her ass off frfr (but continue to pay the actress because she was great!)”

    Fast forward to the recently released trailer for Insecure’s final season, and fans spy Palmer standing right next to Condola (portrayed by actress Christina Elmore), baby in hand. Keke took to Instagram once again to celebrate making her Insecure dream a reality through just a little social interaction and fan advocacy. 

    “Careful what you wish for,” she captioned the post, referencing her initial Tweet alongside a still image from the trailer of herself and Elmore sharing a scene. “Genuinely so thankful to @issarae! I always shoot my work shots (cause I loves to werk), what’s the worst that can happen? Present your skill, you never know how it can be of service.”

    “So this the frame right before you beat her ass, right?” show creator and star Issa Rae jokingly commented on the post. 

    Insecure’s fifth season premieres on October 24th on HBO.

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