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    Here’s What Sophie From “Halloweentown” Is Up To Today

    TBH, Sophie is the most powerful Cromwell.

    If you were raised by the Disney Channel in the ’90s, then you too grew up wishing you could take a magical bus and run away to Halloweentown.

    Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The film, and its subsequent sequels (except the fourth one), are staples in my home every fall, so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across one of Emily Roeske’s TikToks yesterday, and — aside from feeling old — I was instantly transported back to my fave spooky town. If you don’t know, Emily played Sophie, the youngest Cromwell sibling, in the films.

    Before I get into Emily’s TikToks, let me just remind everyone that if Sophie hadn’t memorized that spell in the first film, Marnie literally wouldn’t have been able to activate the talisman to defeat Kalabar. Sophie is the reason Halloweentown even survived, so give her the respect she deserves!

    Emily is now a mother of four and a martial artist with a third-degree black belt, and after retiring from acting as a child, she recently announced on Instagram that she’s ready to return to the craft.

    As far as her fave Halloweentown moment goes, she revealed that the late Debbie Reynolds, who played her grandma in the films, invited her into her trailer so they could go over the Welsh spell that lights the pumpkin at the end of the first film.


    Answer to @daydreamingangel Debbie Reynolds was a legend and I’m so grateful for the memories I have with her! #QuickerPickerRapper #halloweentown

    ♬ original sound – Emily Roeske

    In fact, when asked what it was like working with Debbie, Emily said in a TikTok, “It was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. She taught me so much — was an inspiration as an actress and a performer, but also as a person. She treated everyone with kindness, she could always bring a smile to your face, and she just had a memorable character that I’ll never forget.”

    Another TikTok user asked her if she had dressed up as a witch for Halloween before, and she revealed that she’s done it a couple times before, one being the outfit she wore to the Halloweentown premiere itself.

    In it, you can see photos of the cast and crew, as well as some of the monsters in the film, including Kalabar’s bat. In a previous interview with BuzzFeed, Kimberly J. Brown (who played Marnie) mentioned that she actually took the bat home and still has him.

    Speaking of Kimberly, when Emily was asked if she is still in contact with the cast, she said in a TikTok, “I am still in contact with most of the cast. We talk through social media, and then we also reunited in recent years a couple of times at the Spirit of Halloweentown festival in Oregon where the first Halloweentown was filmed. It’s always great to see everyone.”

    Finally, and most importantly, when asked if she’d ever want to participate in a new Halloweentown film, she simply gave two thumbs up.

    It’s worth noting that in BuzzFeed’s interview with Kimberly, she also said she’d be “totally open” to making another film, so if you’re listening Disney, it’s time to give us the sequel we all deserve!

    Watch the rest of Emily’s TikToks here, follow her on Instagram, and visit her online shop that contains autographed photos, bracelets, and more.

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