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    Here’s Why Rapper Trina Wrestling Made Sense to Us

    Trina Wrestling made all the sense on cents to us. If you ever thought Trina was not an AEW fit, we came here to remind you that Trina is not only the Baddest Chick when it comes to music, but she has also never been afraid to lay those hands.

    (Disclosure this is an AEW match. We do not condone any bullying or violence)

    In our first exhibition 🤣😂 it was Trina against Trick Daddy.

    During the Love and Hip Hop Miami reunion in 2019, Trina went in in Trick for allowing their TNT project to fall, As the two lashed out at each other on the stage about her music reputation being considered ratchet versus cute, Trick pushed a button with her when he attempted to claim full credit for her career.

    But Trina was not having it, as she stood up towards Trick, many in the audience including the host, Nina Parker was a little nervous about what was going to happen next.

    Exhibition 2, Trina was shopping in Wal Mart when a woman called her out of her name. The woman ended up escaping before she was laid to rest by Trina. The artist had the opportunity to press charges, but she didn’t.

    Finally, Trina did a face-off with the title holder, Jade Cargill. She appeared alongside wrestler Diamanté.

    When details were first announced on Trina wrestling, fans were ready. One person wrote, oh man I got to see this I’m trying to figure out was this pay-per-view now I understand why she was in New York because they were in New York it had to be.

    Another person stated The queen of Dade County.

    Trina’s companion lost the fight. As the rapper and actress joined the winning team, she ended the match knocking Diamante on her back.

    Trina shared an after-match post on her gram saying, TBS champion @ms_cargill remains undefeated! AND she has recruited a new baddie in Yours truly 💎
    Congrats to @trinarockstarr


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