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    Hilarious Memes Inspired By Juergen Teller W Mag Photos

    “W Magazine said ‘ugly, but in a tree.'”

    This week, W Magazine released a slew of digital covers for their Best Performances issue and the photos have been met with…mixed reviews, to say the least:

    Now, I am not denying the talent of Juergen Teller, but a lot of people on the interwebs have made some — IMO — pretty funny jokes about the…ease of these pics:

    Riz Ahmed even confessed that this was “the fastest shoot of [his] life.” I’m not saying it showed…but I not saying it didn’t.

    This @wmag shoot was the fastest of my life. 20 seconds, two clicks. Juergen Teller is the OG.

    @rizwanahmed @wmag @juergentellerstudio

    Anyway, here are some of the funniest — but good-natured — jokes about the W Mag photoshoot:

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