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    Holiday Tips For Fun and Stress Relievers – Christmas 2021

    Looking for some Holiday tips for fun as opposed to stress? No problem. We are spilling some of our most iconic holiday fun tips that will save you money, and occupy time. 


    Did you check out our Halloween post? We incorporated some typical easter fun into the other holidays, by doing an egg hunt with plastic eggs or tiny gift boxes. This can be done for Christmas as well. 

    Grab some white plastic eggs or tiny gift boxes from a craft store, or Walmart, or dollar store. Fill them with holiday candy, Christmas jokes, or tokens of love and hide them around the house for the kids to hunt for. Once the eggs or gift boxes are found let everyone take turns to open their eggs or gift boxes and rave about what they’ve found.


    We are all about hunting. If you didn’t buy a tree or you can’t find the eggs or gift boxes, do the hunt with the actual gifts. Most children enjoy the adrenaline of trying to sneak into their wrapped gifts before it’s time to open them anyway. They will have a blast of fun and adrenaline in a positive way playing hot or cold with their gifts. We did this one Christmas and the kids never forgot it.


    Do your children enjoy art? Grab some pencils, crayons, a coloring book or pack of blank paper for a dollar each from the dollar store, give each child a page. Have a coloring contest if your children enjoy competition or coloring display if they aren’t competitive. Allow them to present their coloring or drawings, this will keep their brains going during the holiday school break and give each child a moment of attention individually, ensuring no one feels left out or inattentive. 


    Skip the matching sweaters and pajamas. Have a fashion show. Allow each child to pick an outfit to wear and present during the fashion show. This will allow each child to express their fashionable creativity and will cost you nothing because it is coming straight from their closets. If they want to pick a T-shirt and design it, let them, you are still saving money.


    All of these activities can cost less than ten dollars outside the cost of your Christmas list, and will allow time fillers, fun, and interaction with the family.


    Do you have a less expensive tradition that you and your family enjoy? If so let us know in the comments below.

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