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    How Does Russia Invading Ukraine Effect America

    Many Americans are asking, how does Russia invading Ukraine effect America? Will there be a war?

    After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in neighboring Ukraine, there were reports of explosions throughout multiple Ukranian cities, Axios reports.

    According to CNN, Americans will pay a price for this attack, though they are not, like the people of Ukraine, coming under fire.

    Higher gas prices and inflation are certain. Oil raced above $100 a barrel almost as soon as the Russian assault started.
    Since Putin had been demanding pullbacks from NATO in ex-Soviet satellite states that had joined the organization, this is America’s crisis too. The United States will not send troops to fight Russia directly in Ukraine, given that as a non-NATO member.
    Putin’s attack on Ukraine is another challenge to America’s global power and the concept of a free and democratic world that multiplies its influence.

    Here are five things to know.


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