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    How Much Does Cardi B Earn Per Show

    If you are wondering “How Much Does Cardi B Earn Per Show”  you don’t have to look far to find out.

    The hip-hop superstar has revealed the staggering amount of money she commands for her live shows.

    On Monday, Cardi shared a text message from someone on her team presenting an offer of $2.3 million for a pair of shows. She withheld who made the offer, but it appears to be for a headlining festival gig in July.

    “1,150,000 per show,” the person wrote. “This is for the [headline] position each night.”

    Cardi B Tweet

    However, Cardi didn’t seem fazed by the seven-figure payout. She responded reluctantly, “I guess.”

    She made the revelation after her detractors claimed she didn’t qualify for superstar status. “Over a M a show wit 1 album,” Cardi fired back. “BIG SUPERSTAR are you dumb? Waiting on my agent got like 3 overseas one for 2 Ms.”

    Cardi has always been a hard worker, “IDK where my music going to take me ,I just want people to say she puts out good tracks ..Respect the talent, ” she expressed.

    She later removed the text at the request of her agents. “My music reps just call me to take it down …..😕…..I can’t never have fun,” she wrote.

    In another post, the outspoken rapper weighed in on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

    “Wish these world leaders stop tripping about power and really think about whose really getting affected (citizens) besides the whole world is in a crisis,” said Cardi. “Wars, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should worry about.”

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