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    How The Waze App Can Help You Have A More Instagram-Worthy Road Trip

    How The Waze App Can Help You Have A More Instagram-Worthy Road Trip

    If you’re someone who likes to hop in the car and get lost on the road, taking in the picturesque sights and sounds around you, the navigation app Waze is looking to help you have such adventures.

    Starting this month, Waze is partnering with automobile company Nissan to offer users a list of the charming roads and trails available to them on their drives and road trips, ensuing access to scenic spots to make every ride feel like a fun getaway.

    The chosen pins were compiled based on the most popular outdoor destinations for Waze users from January 2020 to now. They include Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Zion National Park in Utah, for example. Other sights that will be highlighted include beaches, forests and groves, marshes, rivers and streams, lookouts and other natural wonders near you. The perfect sights for those times when you want to clear your mind or see the world around you in a safe way.

    Speaking of safe, this partnership comes at the perfect time. A recent survey done by the app found that 73 percent of people feel safest traveling by car these days. About 33 percent said they see themselves utilizing their vehicle now more than they did prior to the pandemic. Instead of getting caught up in all the traffic that could cause on highways, this feature will allow you go off the beaten bath and take in some beauty.

    Though the pins are available through the partnership with Nissan and are titled Pathfinder Preferred Terrain Pins to promote the new, sleek 2022 Nissan Pathfinder truck, they’re available to all Waze drivers — for a limited time. The pins are accessible through September 30.


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