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    Richard Cox Jr. a Paralyzed man Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Connecticut Police

    36-year-old, Richard Cox a paralyzed man files a 100-million-dollar lawsuit against Connecticut police

    The federal civil suit was filed in the US District Court of Connecticut Tuesday on behalf of a Richard Cox.  Cox sustained an injury while in police custody that left him paralyzed.

    On Father’s Day, Richard “Randy” Cox Jr., 36, suffered a serious injury to his neck and spine while officials transported him to a detention center. The transport vehicle was unequipped with a seat belt.

    Police had responded to a 911 call regarding a weapons complaint. Cox was arrested for criminal possession of a firearm and carrying a pistol without a permit.

    On the way to the station the vehicle obtaining Cox was hit by a driver. Officials never placed Cox into a seatbelt.

    Police camera footage released on June 30th revealed the incident.

    Officer Oscar Diaz slammed his brakes while escorting Cox to the station.

    Not to mention, records state Diaz drove with one hand while texting.

    The speed data clocks the van moving at 36 mph, the officer honked the horn and slammed the brakes.

    Cox–whose wrists are handcuffed from behind–is flung toward the back of the van, slamming headfirst into the metal doors.

    Cox calls for help, repeatedly says he can’t move and that he thinks he broke his neck.

    Officer Diaz tells Cox, “You’re gonna have to give me a second. I can’t open the door without another officer here.” The officer continues driving. A minute later, the officer tells him he’ll get him an ambulance when they arrive at the detention center and repeats that he won’t open the door.

    Eventually the officer pulls over and checks on Cox. As Cox explains that he cannot move, the officer responds that he cannot move Cox without another officer present but can call an ambulance instead.

    The ambulance is dispatched to meet the officer and Cox at the detention center.

    Article continues after video.

    At the detention center officers try to move Cox’s legs and Cox tells them they aren’t listening, and he can’t move. Officers continued to ignore Cox, replying, “You’re not even trying.”

    Another female officer demands Cox to sit up. “Sit up. You’re doing extra s–t. Sit up.”

    For the duration of the video, composed of body cam footage from the officers, they are stating that Cox is perfectly fine, as he was walking before the arrest and kicking the door at the beginning of the drive.

    Cox suffered permanent paralysis below his neck, cervical spine injuries, contusions and injury to his muscle, spinal cord injury, permanent scarring and several other bodily injuries. The suit alleges that an officer failed to safely restrain Cox while he was handcuffed in the back of a police van. It also alleges that four other officers contributed to injuries while transporting Cox at a police detention center.

    Essence compares, the injuries and incident of Cox to the 2015 death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. While being transported in a police van, Gray sustained injuries to his spinal cord and died.

    Civil rights attorney Ben Crump held a press conference with Cox’s family on Tuesday.

    He explained why they aim for a 100-million-dollar lawsuit against Connecticut Police.

    “Can you imagine what it is like trying to get him here and to the hospital now? Can you imagine what they have to go through?” he said. “He is a human being. Look at the humanity in him. We have a tradition in America of discounting people of color, marginalizing their value.”

    Crump said he was seeking such a high sum because Cox would need $20 million to $30 million just to ensure his “basic quality of life.”

    Following Cox’s incident, New Haven Mayor Josh Elicker and other city officials announced new reforms with the goal of eliminate the use of police vans for transporting individuals who are being detained by police.


    Caresha Please and Oprah Show Comparison Why We Understood Her

    Caresha Please and Oprah show circulate over comparisons as the City Girl, Caresha aka Yung Miami continues to entertain viewers. Yung Miami recently did an interview with XXL Magazine in which she spoke about her talk show.

    So far, the show has been nominated for Best Hip-Hop Platform and Best Collaboration. Other nominations for this year’s BET Awards include Cardi B, Fivio Foreign, Baby Keem, Doja Cat, Latto, BIA and more. Drake leads the pack with 14 nominations.

    During her XXL magazine interview she said, “People just loving to hear me talk, you know?’”

    “Whenever I talk or whenever I go on [Instagram] Live, it go viral. So, one day I was talking with Diddy and he was like, “Yeah, [you] should do a podcast. It would be good for you,” and that’s how it came out. It was just a conversation of me just always going viral off the way I talk and the engagement that I used to get off of Instagram Live.

    What’s a goal that you want to accomplish with this new podcast endeavor? I want to take it to the next level. I want to be like—I think she has a podcast now—a person like Wendy Williams. I’m dreaming big. I want to go to the highest of the highest. I want to be the Black Oprah.”

    But HuffPost’s editor, Philip Lewis, popped the big question, saying, It’s at this point in the interview where you should ask Yung Miami “what did you mean by that?” Lol

    Nevertheless, others are saying IYKYK.

    Another person commented, lol, I’m let Caresha slide on that cause I knew what she meant.

    A few differences that make sense between Caresha Please and the Oprah show, is that Oprah gained rights to the show how from ABC. In comparison, Caresha Please already airs through Black syndication. Another difference is the context, language and approach to talk topics.

    Did you understand what Caresha meant?


    Father of Lotta Cash Desto Killed During Robbery Speak Out

    The father of Lotta Cash Desto killed during robbery, shared their memories of Destinee Govan after the 25-year-old rapper was shot while driving in Houston.


     Lotta Cash Desto was signed by Lil Uzi who is signed under Roc Nation.

    Roc Nation announced almost four years ago that they were helping Symere Bysil Woods, known as Lil Uzi Vert, build his own label. He titled the label Generation Now

    According to reports, Desto was driving around 2:30 in the morning with a female passenger.

    Police say two men hopped out of the car and exchanged gunfire with Govan. After shooting Lotta Cash Desto they robbed her as well. Officials pronounced Lotta Cash Desto dead at the scene.

    However, they successful transported the female passenger to a local hospital with a single gunshot wound.

    Furthermore, Police say officers found Christian Isaiah Williams, 24, in a nearby parking lot. Williams suffered from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was transported to a hospital, where he was charged with murder, according to Fox26 News. He remains hospitalized.

    But Police also say evidence left at the crime scene linked Williams to the double shooting. The second gunman is still at large.

    Govan was known for her collaborations with mentor Lil Uzi Vert on her rap songs “Lunchroom” and “Vegas.”

    Condolences to her family. Lotta Cash Desto’s siblings are mourning as well.

    Kheris Rogers Known As KherisPoppin CEO Of Flexin In My Complexion Is Releasing A New Book

    Kheris Rogers known as KerisPoppin was only 10 years old when she became the CEO of Felixin in My Complexion. It all started when the California girl was taunted by other children and scrutinized by teachers, but it didn’t break her, it made her stronger. So much stronger she became the influence worn by celebrities such as Lupita Nyongo and Drake.

    Kherispoppin aka Kheris talks about how her teacher gave her a black crayon to color in a photo that was supposed to be her.

    One day her sister posted a video of her singing and dancing with classmates, but the caption told a story of a beautiful girl that was being teased by classmates and teachers. Well, that video went viral.

    By the next day Kheris Rogers had over a million people telling her how beautiful she was. That video catapulted into modeling deals. But also, a popular clothing line that inspired other girls like her to be comfortable in their complexion.

    KherisPoppin has continued flexin.

    The now 16-year-old shared details on her new book called “Shine Bright”. “I am so excited to reveal the cover of my upcoming book SHINE BRIGHT on sale September 27th! You can pre-order now through the link in my bio”.

    The book was co-written with New York Times bestselling author, Mechal Renee Roe.

    The debut picture book is inspired by Kheris Rogers real life experiences. “Shine Bright” encourages children everywhere to love the skin they are in.

    The main character in the book, Imani, turns to her sister for a loving reminder that she’s smarthopebravebeautifulstrong, and just enough when her confidence is shaken by outsiders, due to her dark beautiful skin.

    After embracing what makes her truly special, Imani learns to be fearless.

    Aaliya Ivory A Woman Was Shot on I57 Now Suing Armed Man Who Got Away

    Aaliya Ivory was heading northbound on I57 when the 24-year-old woman was shot on I57 by an armed white man through the back window of her vehicle.

    Ivory spoke out to Fox 32, when the incident occurred in July of 22. “I was trying to get over, but as soon as I tried to get over, the man didn’t want to let me over. So, he tried to run me off the road. So, I still tried to get in front of him so I could get away,” Ivory said.

    As officials were called the armed man who fired, stayed on the scene.

    “He told someone I drew my gun at him. We are both concealed carry. I was so scared, I couldn’t even get to my gun fast enough,” Ivory said. “My gun has a safety on it. They can do any type of test to see I never discharged my firearm or anything.”

    He was not arrested. Accordiing to reports he stated it was self-defense. Both parties obtain a conceal to carry. However, Aaliya Ivory never drew a weapon during the road rage incident. She pulled around the armed man and continued to keep driving, when he fired at her vehicle.

    Four bullets went through the Ford Focus the woman was shot on I57. All of the bullets struck Aliya Ivory.

    Ivory stated the situation could have been worse, as she is also a mother to a 2-year-old daughter. The spot where the bullets went through the window is the spot where her daughter typically sits.

    The incident occurred on July 16th, 2022. She has been in and out of the hospital since the incident. Her attorney says, despite witness statements nobody has been criminally charged in this road rage shooting.

    Bishop Tavis Grant, national field director for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is calling on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to investigate the shooting of Aaliyah Ivory, which occurred on July 16.


    Blac Chyna’s Teeth and Many Celebs Trust Dr Faraz Farahnik Here’s Why

    Dr. Faraz Farahnik is known to keep bright whites, white on hot celebs and influencers like Blac Chyna’s teeth, Le Le Pons, Burna Boy and many more.

    We got a chance to sit down with Dr. Raz, as many of his clients call him, to talk about some tips that will give you a smile confidence.

    Dr. Raz from Encino Dental Smiles got his start as a dentist at a very young age. He informed, host Siloam Lackey that he began working in a dental office at only 15 years old. From there he had a passion for helping people maintain their confidence within basic dentistry and cosmetic.

    During our Exclusive Interview, Dr. Raz explained how he has seen so many clients come into his office and walk out with impact. “It changes the lifestyle for our patients. Even for our patients that do extremely well, we constantly, constantly, hear that, Doc, ever since my smile changed so many doors opened.”

    Not only does Encino Dental Smiles give their patience smile confidence, but they also prove that there isn’t much to be afraid of. We asked Dr. Raz to debunk some of the fears people have when getting cosmetic dentistry. One of the biggest myths he explained is getting teeth shaved all the way down. Because of technology many of the old procedures are not need anymore. Additionally, he advised if your Dentist is still using older methods, you may be at the wrong one.

    As far as tips he explained, going to the Dentist every six months is important. “Dentistry is a preventative field. You cannot wait around for things to hurt. You need to be ahead of the pain.”

    Now for the parents out there ready to take their children Trick or Treating, Dr. Raz has some advice for you. “This is not a diet plan that you need to completely cut things out. Parents with young kids, I’ve seen two things that work really well. Take your kids Trick or Treating but find a way to substitute what they collect to other thing they like.” For instance, swapping candy for toys, and keeping things in moderation.

    Oh, and here’s one thing we didn’t know. Dr. Faraz Farahnik says stay away from charcoal toothpaste. He added, it is too rough on your teeth. Additionally stating, “It’s too abrasive. It’s basically sanding away your teeth.” Yikes! No wonder Blac Chyna’s teeth are so perfectly placed.

    Check out the full interview below. Visit Encino Dental Smile at 

    Rihanna’s Album R9 Is Coming and The Biggest Celebs Are Excited

    According to a source Rihanna’s album R9 is set to drop around February of 2023. The 34-year-old has been seen several times this year stepping in and out of the studio.

    In December 2020, Rihanna revealed she plans “to take my music and my brands to a different level” in 2021. However, fans anticipated a much sooner drop.

    Rumor on Rihanna’s new music spread again during her Fenty event in Los Angeles over Super Bowl weekend. ASAP Rocky’s boo confirmed that new music is most definitely on the way.

    “Yes, you’re still going to get music from me,” she told Entertainment Tonight, before joking, “My fans would kill me if they waited this long for a lullaby,” a nod to her first pregnancy with A$AP Rocky. The singer added that she was taking “one thing at a time.”

    The Fenty mogul recently announced that she will perform during the 2023 Superbowl, with a photo of her holding a football.

    The 57th Super Bowl will take place on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It will be the first with Apple Music as a partner on the Halftime Show, according to the NFL’s announcement.

    “We are thrilled to welcome Rihanna to the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show stage,” said Seth Dudowsky, the NFL’s head of music, in the statement. “Rihanna is a once in a generation artist who has been a cultural force throughout her career.

    Rihanna’s album R9 has already been registered and is said to drop just in time for her to perform her single, also titled R9. Many celebs shared the news to their stories as well.

    Including, Justin and Hailey Bieber. As well as Vanessa Hudgens, The Weeknd, Zonnique and more.

    Dr. Dre who performed during Superbowl 56 also spoke out on Rihanna’s performance.

    “She has the opportunity to really blow us away. I know we set the bar extremely high,” he added.

    Dre then explained how suggestions for the “Work” singer’s performance. “Put the right people around you, and have fun,” he said.

    He continued, “That’s basically what it is, making sure you have the right creative people around you.”

    “She might want to look into some of the people that we used to do our show,” the Aftermath Entertainment CEO noted.

    Here’s Why Rapper Trina Wrestling Made Sense to Us

    Trina Wrestling made all the sense on cents to us. If you ever thought Trina was not an AEW fit, we came here to remind you that Trina is not only the Baddest Chick when it comes to music, but she has also never been afraid to lay those hands.

    (Disclosure this is an AEW match. We do not condone any bullying or violence)

    In our first exhibition 🤣😂 it was Trina against Trick Daddy.

    During the Love and Hip Hop Miami reunion in 2019, Trina went in in Trick for allowing their TNT project to fall, As the two lashed out at each other on the stage about her music reputation being considered ratchet versus cute, Trick pushed a button with her when he attempted to claim full credit for her career.

    But Trina was not having it, as she stood up towards Trick, many in the audience including the host, Nina Parker was a little nervous about what was going to happen next.

    Exhibition 2, Trina was shopping in Wal Mart when a woman called her out of her name. The woman ended up escaping before she was laid to rest by Trina. The artist had the opportunity to press charges, but she didn’t.

    Finally, Trina did a face-off with the title holder, Jade Cargill. She appeared alongside wrestler Diamanté.

    When details were first announced on Trina wrestling, fans were ready. One person wrote, oh man I got to see this I’m trying to figure out was this pay-per-view now I understand why she was in New York because they were in New York it had to be.

    Another person stated The queen of Dade County.

    Trina’s companion lost the fight. As the rapper and actress joined the winning team, she ended the match knocking Diamante on her back.

    Trina shared an after-match post on her gram saying, TBS champion @ms_cargill remains undefeated! AND she has recruited a new baddie in Yours truly 💎
    Congrats to @trinarockstarr


    Cardi B and Hailey Bieber Inspired Amazon Velour Jumpsuits F22

    Cardi B and Hailey Bieber stunned in matching velour jumpsuits.

    Last week, Cardi B wore a velvet, long-sleeved Saint Laurent jumpsuit while celebrating her five-year wedding anniversary with Offset. The rapper posted photos of the look on her Instagram Story, showing how she styled the jumpsuit with crystal-covered heels, large silver earrings, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

    But she isn’t the only one rocking the velvet jumpsuit for Fall fashion. Apparently, it’s the go-to piece when celebrating a special occasion during the Fall. Hailey Bieber wore the same one last November to ring in her 25th birthday. Although the piece was presented, during the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022 runway both women sported it cozy and sexy for the Fall. Bieber sported the outfit with the same PVC heels as the model for the runway. Additionally, cinching the ruched jumpsuit with a crystal-embellished belt. Bieber then added some diamond earrings and a bow to her half-up hairdo.

    Both women pulled off the look, making this a very hard game of who wore it better. But Cardi B and Hailey Bieber are not the only ones loving a velvet jumpsuit. The Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022 velvet cost 2900 bucks. Making it quite pricy for the average pocket. Needless to say, we’ve found a variety of Amazon velvet jumpsuits that look sexy for F22. Not to mention the pricing runs less than 50 bucks. Oh, let us not forget to mention they come in multiple colors.

    The Remelon velvet jumpsuit, is a tube top jumpsuit. It comes with an overthrow. Seen on the featured image model in red. Conail offers an off the shoulder long sleeve velvet jumpsuit in multiple colors. Not to mention, the store has a lose top fit off the shoulder version and a fitted off the shoulder version. Both look awesome paired with heels, booties, or Thigh high boots. Grab these, you will thank us later.



    A Different World Cast Turns 35, See Their Future Projects, and Flashbacks

    A Different World Cast turns 35 years old. On this day in 1987, the classic sitcom, A Different World, debuted on NBC.

    The show was a spin-off of The Cosby Show.  The sitcom followed Denise Huxtable, played by Lisa Bonet, as she enters the fictional HBCU Hillman College, located in Virginia.

    Although it was called A Different World the life resonated with many in the Black community. Furthermore, it was one of few shows portraying young African Americans in a positive way. But also, the show aired highlights of attending Historical Black Colleges and Universities in this country.

    As young adults, A Different World cast dealt with many issues not discussed during The Cosby Show. Tougher topics included race and class relations, sexual assault, and the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. This shift in content is heavily attributed to the arrival of Debbie Allen, who served as a producer for the show in its second season.


    The Different World Cast and crew included, Glynn Turman as Col. Bradford ‘Brad’ Taylor, as well as Dawnn Lewis as Jaleesa Vinson Taylor, and Lou Myers as Vernon Gaines.

    Other cast members included Charnele Brown as Kimberly ‘Kim’ Reese Kadeem Hardison as Dwayne Cleophus Wayne, Jasmine Guy as Whitley Marion Gilbert Wayne, Darryl M. Bell as Ronald ‘Ron’ Johnson, and Cree Summer as Winifred ‘Freddie’ Brooks.

    Some of the main stars also included Lisa Bonet known as Denise Huxtable, Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert, Kadeem Hardison and Dwayne Wayne, Dawnn Lewis, Cree Summer, Darryl M. Bell, Charnele Brown, Glynn Turman, and Jada Pinkett-Smith, along with a long list of other actors, actresses, and special guest stars.

    Lisa Bonet departed in the first season. Therefore, the remainder of the series primarily focused more on Gilbert and Wayne’s relationship as they navigated college life at Hillman College.

    Although the show came to an end in 1993 it was more than an impact on today’s society. During their six-season airing, they show received stellar reviews on NBC. The crew members are still a powerful staple as popularized icons of successful Black sitcoms.

    Many of them went on to land successful roles in life.

    Attributions to Essence