Hunter Biden Desperately Tried to Avoid Attending Child Support Hearing in-person, Feared Media Circus Outside Court


Hunter Biden was shut down in his attempt to avoid attending his recent court hearing in person in his battle over child support with his ex Lunden Roberts, has learned.

According to newly unsealed court documents obtained by, Hunter and his lawyer attempted to convince the judge to allow Hunter to appear for his May 1 hearing via video conference or telephone.

The hearing was scheduled to go over Lunden’s claims Hunter was refusing to turn over financial records. As we previously reported, back in 2020, Lunden sued Hunter for paternity and child support.

The same year, a DNA test found Hunter was the father to now 4-year-old Navy Roberts. In addition, the two hashed out a deal where he agreed to pay $20k per month to Lunden in child support.

Last year, Hunter filed a petition asking for his payments to be decreased due to a change in his financial situation. Lunden has objected to the request claiming Hunter has sufficient funds. The ex-adult dancer said Hunter had failed to disclose all his sources of income.

In a court filing, she claimed to have, “evidence that [Hunter] has not fully disclosed his income sources, residences, assets, and property. This evidence is bolstered by the fact that the [Hunter] refuses to provide full discovery in this matter.”

In his motion, filed days before the hearing, Hunter argued he had started producing additional documents to Lunden. His legal team argued the hearing could be held via video conference.

She said their daughter should have the last name which represents being “well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.” Hunter has objected to the request.

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