Hunter Biden’s Ex Says He’s Living Lavishly In Malibu Mansion While Claiming To Be ‘Destitute’ In Child Support War


Hunter Biden’s ex-fling Lunden Roberts is back in court accusing the disgraced first son of playing games in their court war over child support that are hurting their minor child, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, Lunden, the mother to Hunter’s 4-year-old daughter Navy, says Hunter continues to withhold financial records despite being ordered to hand over the information.

Lunden said she “foolishly believed” Hunter and his team would “answer discovery fully and honestly because the court ordered it —especially since he does not want to come back to” Arkansas for a hearing next week.

She accuses Hunter of failing to “provide complete and full discovery in the case.”

As we previously reported, back in 2019, Lunden sued Hunter for paternity and child support. A DNA test proved President Biden’s son was indeed the father to the baby girl.

Lunden says Hunter has never met the child and has no relationship with Navy. Last year, Hunter filed documents asking for his child support payments to be decreased due to his income decreasing since the original agreement was entered.

Lunden has objected to the request claiming Hunter continues to live lavishly and has a team of high-priced lawyers representing him in this case and the criminal investigations into him.

In her heavily redacted motion, Lunden said, “Taxable income only represents the income for a given time period and is highly susceptible to manipulation.” She added, “Additionally, the defendant fails to account that income for tax purposes is not the same as income for child support purposes.”

Lunden said Hunter has provided approximately 2000 additional discovery documents but there are incomplete discovery answers.

She said, “[Hunter] should not be allowed to shortchange [Lunden] on discovery provided but then proceed to get and take the discovery he needs.”

Her lawyer argued, “It is preposterous to believe that the plaintiff must again tell the defendant the discovery answers he has never provided after being granted a protective order so he would provide them—and then ordered to provide it when he didn’t after the protective order—must now ask again for the answers to be provided.”

Lunden said “playing games with discovery is a hallmark Biden litigation tactic.”

She said, “Mr. Biden does not want to disclose his income and assets, says that he is somewhat financially destitute, while he lives on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, has Secret Service protection, and enjoys his time abroad (which he has also lied about in discovery).”

Lunden, “This sounds eerily the same as 2016, when Mr. Biden ran his family finances in the ground, took money from foreign “deals”, failed to provide clearly discoverable information (including the fact that he has NEVER provided documents related to TD or TD Ameritrade account in this case), and lived the good life with his brother’s widow a stone’s throw from Sunset Boulevard.”

“This is a game [Lunden] does not want to play and one which only hurts the child in this case as Mr. Biden seeks to shirk his daughter’s needs and support.”

Lunden says the judge should consider her request to throw Hunter in jail until he turns over all his financial records.

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