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    Instagram Hackers Are Now Imposing As Your Friend See How

    Instagram hackers are getting smarter. Typically, in the past they would pose as advertisers. The tempting messages would include them asking to use an Instagrammers account to make post. Additionally stating they would earn hundreds each week.

    After socialites learned to decline the advertisers, Instagram hackers then started sending out emails. In the emails they posed as Instagram, stating something was wrong with the account. Of course, this caused panic and many socialites clicked the link in the email in attempt to resolve issues with the platform.

    Now they are posing as your friends. The Instagram hackers will message you pretending to be one of your friends in need of help. They would say they are starting a page and need you to help them out. The help involves them asking you to place an email address into your profile. Then having Instagram send a code. Once the code is sent, they will then change your log in information and take over your account.

    Since Instagram only allows one email address in your account there is no way to stop them if you change it. The only thing you can do is contact Instagram to get your account back.

    If one of your friend’s accounts have been hacked or one of your accounts, then you will need to enter a ticket to the following pages.

    The platform will then send you instructions to follow. One includes uploading documents. The other task may involve taking a photo with a code. They also have an option for facial recognition. Hopefully all of your photos are still on your page so they can recognize you.

    Note, the video selfie kept crashing until I updated my Instagram app to the Instagram Beta app.

    Note, I did not enter my original username when do the forgot password I used the updated username sent to my email by Instagram.

    We hope this helps. Follow to stay up to date with the latest Instagram hacks. See more Instagram and Facebook hacks here.

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