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    Internet explorer meme Goes Viral As Microsoft Shuts Explorer Down TODAY

    We are calling this Internet Explorer Meme Day

    The internet explorer meme day goes viral as today June 15th, 2022, is the last day for explorer. Several memes defined the end of the era with R.I.P’s, the grim reaper, and 90’s kids mockery.

    On January 12, 2016, Microsoft announced their depart from support the Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10. In other words, these versions of IE will no longer receive security updates or technical support from Microsoft. If you are still using one of these outdated browsers, it’s time to switch. Like TODAY!!

    Microsoft will now automatically redirect the remaining users still using Internet Explorer to its new Edge browser for the next few months. Support for IE officially ended. Edge now replaces IE. Eventually, a Windows update will permanently disable the formerly ubiquitous blue “e,” removing it from all PCs.

    Most users won’t notice the difference technically. But for some, they may feel a drastic era change. Internet Explorer began in 1995. Think about it. How old were you then?

    It first started as an add-on package. But eventually became part of the Windows 95 operating system. Bundled with Windows, IE quickly rose to fame, defeating Netscape in the browser wars before reaching a peak market share of around 95% in 2003.

    According to reports, several reasons determined the end of IE. Rarely updated, lacking important features, and failing to meet international web standards. Internet Explorer faltered to Mozilla. Not to mention, speedy Google Chrome preferences over IE. Due to a steep decline, IE would go from a market share of 65% as recently as 2009 to less than 1% today. In 2015, Microsoft pivoted away from Internet Explorer with the integration of Microsoft Edge into Windows 10.

    As today marks the closing of IE, internet explorer meme day emerges. Prior posts and memes gain more traction. More questions arise. For instance, when did you stop using internet explorer? Also, does this make you feel old?

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