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    Introducing USTAWI — A Skincare Brand Created With Beauty Secrets From The Motherland

    Introducing USTAWI — A Skincare Brand Created With Beauty Secrets From The Motherland
    Courtesy of USTAWI

    Despite our skin types being unique, many of us can relate to the woes of having uncooperative skin. You know, the pesky pimples that appear at the worst possible time. Or perhaps hyperpigmentation that leaves us wanting to rethink our beauty regimen. Ugh, you get the point. Hoping to put an end to the struggle, Natacha Paugum recently launched her own skincare line, USTAWI, which will feature three products that all work harmoniously to help us all achieve an enviable glow.

    “For the longest time, I could not find skincare products that were specifically formulated for my type of skin with hyperpigmentation,” Paugum, CEO and Founder of USTAWI shares with ESSENCE. “Times are changing regarding that, and it is a good thing.”

    As a teenager, Paugum admits she struggled with skin issues that followed her into her adulthood. “I tried many products available on the market to clear my skin especially when I began modeling, unfortunately to no avail,” the entrepreneur explains.

    Better days arrived for the model when she traveled back to her homeland of Africa where she was blessed with her mom’s time-honored family beauty recipes that included natural ingredients to make her skin glow. “I knew that after I saw results, I wanted to contribute to making people glow and thrive with confidence,” she divulges about USTAWI, which means “wellbeing” in Swahili. 

    With the help of Dr. Elyse Love — who serves as the Dermatological Advisor — USTAWI is the latest skincare line that includes these three anti-pollution products to address common skincare concerns in melanin-rich skin.

    Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum ($45)- Includes Vitamin C to brighten the skin; licorice root extract to help reduce pigmentation and the African superfruit, Baobab.

    Bamboo Water Protective Mist ($40)- Includes bamboo water to moisturize the skin; organic myrtle leaf to help detoxify; and Baobab.

    Niacinamide Dark Spot Corrector ($55)-  Includes niacinamide that revives the skin tone; licorice root extract that helps reduce pigmentation, and EGCG an antioxidant found in green tea.

    According to Paugum, the hero ingredient in the collection is the African superfruit Baobab, which has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. 

    “Baobab is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which supports collagen formation,” she informs us about the fruit that helps to give you radiant, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin. “The antioxidants found in Baobab fruit help to neutralize damage from pollution, sun exposure, and stress. It also helps to control pigment production.”

    Used twice daily, the cleansers and serums boast praise-worthy results. “We’re currently getting amazing support and enthusiasm from everyone who has tried the product, and I feel grateful for that,” she tells us.

    USTAWI aims to not only be a key player in the skincare industry, but also a company that gives back. USTAWI has partnered with Childfund International to help keep kids in school. “I am super excited to help improve the conditions for children in Africa. With better resources, we can aid in helping them tackle the challenges of life as they grow. This is also a key part of my mission for USTAWI,” Natacha shares.

    Interested in getting your hands on the collection? The products are available now at

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